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A nuclear explosion could have occurred on the Red Planet, judging by the size of the last crater found on the surface of the planet.

Physicist John Brandenburg claims that all the images and data transmitted by the NASA rover indicate the presence of a cataclysm, most likely of a nuclear nature. No other explanation seems to explain the vast amounts of uranium and thorium present in the atmosphere and on the surface of Mars.

According to the scientist who risked his career by making this claim based on his research, Mars appears to have been affected and turned into the arid desert we know today by significant nuclear explosions.

“High concentrations of xenon-129 in the atmosphere, evidence for the existence of krypton-80, and a pattern of excess uranium and thorium on the Martian surface, first observed by the Russians and now confirmed by a spectrometer on the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, indicate that the Martian surface appears to have been the site of massive radiological events that resulted in the formation of a large number of isotopes with this
signature and covered the surface with a thin layer of radioactive debris. This phenomenon can only be explained by the existence of nuclear explosions in the past of the planet Mars,” says physicist John Brandenburg.

So far, scientists have been able to condense 8% of the artificial fog created for testing purposes and remove 94% of the pollutants it was polluted with, including extremely fine diesel fuel particles and the chemical compound bisphenol A.

The same technique could be applied to recover water from cooling towers, capturing some of the steam vented to the atmosphere and purifying it so it can be reintroduced into the environment, the researchers say.

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