Now or never! The PS4 controller you want at the price of a scandal

Having a good command can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Professional eSports players don’t go to games with just any controller and now you can do the same. In the absence of the PS5 ceasing to be a unicorn and arriving with the stock that is expected, the PS4 is still the platform of millions of people. For this reason, we have not been able to pass up the offer that we found in the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro professional controller, that has a crazy discount right now.

There are many gamers who seek extra comfort or functionalities not found in the standard controls. That’s where alternatives like this Nacon controller can come into play. In addition, on many occasions it is sought to have an extra remote control or a replacement for the one that has been broken. Whatever the occasion, the discount that this model has is not to think about it, since the Revolution Unlimited Pro is considered one of the best controllers on PS4, although it will also work on our PS5 if we already have it or are waiting for it.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro 01

The perfect PS4 controller?

This controller stands out for its ergonomics, comfort, soft touch and lightness. Those who have tried it claim that it blends perfectly with the hand. What’s more, can be easily adjusted thanks to its heads (concave or convex) and levers (of different diameters) interchangeable. To achieve perfection based on the tastes of each user, additional weights can be added to the hidden compartments on each handle of the controller.

The Revolution Unlimited Pro has a Bluetooth receiver, so we can choose between wireless and wired mode. It also includes a headphone jack for audio and chat functions in both communication modes. The controls at the bottom give convenient and quick access to volume, game mode or world communication mode. What’s more. In Advanced modes, game profiles created with the included software can be accessed. As a good gaming controller, you can also change the color and brightness of the right joystick backlighting for a totally personalized touch

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro 01

At its lowest price

This is a high-end remote and for that reason its price is not exactly low. The investment will be considerable, but luckily you are currently at a huge discount on Amazon. The usual price of the Revolution Unlimited Proy on Amazon is 170 euros. Nevertheless, right now we can buy it for only 99.49 euros. This supposes a discount of more than 70 euros on that official price. It should also be noted that shipping is free for Prime customers, so you will not have to pay anything more than its sale cost. In addition and when exceeding the minimum required, you can pay in four of 24.88 euros. What we cannot know is how long this offer will last, so it is better not to delay in making a decision.

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