“Not everything is as we would like, not everything is just smiles and happiness”

Cabral posted an atypical message in the social media world, through which he wanted to draw attention to the fact that not everything we see on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms reflects reality.

The TV star noted that the world drawn with a pencil on the net is drawn perfectly, with wealth at every step and only a reason for joy, but in real life everything is different even for those who make such posts.

“Probably on the net, looking at what people are posting, it seems to you that you live in a world where everyone is doing well. Everyone is happy, with their mouths up to their ears, with expensive cars, chic houses, a break from those billionaire stars from haliud, etc. even on this page you can see how I laugh like a fool into the camera and how everything is going well with me, as if there are about three guardian angels above me, one more diligent than the other.

Look, I don’t know about others, but I’m honestly telling you about myself … not everything is in its place, not everything is as we would like, not everything is all smiles and happiness. Well, sometimes it’s just the opposite. So… don’t be upset seeing that everything is blanco and it seems that only you have hail. It rains on us, we often get wet to the bottom of our panties … we just play with wealth, abundance and happiness. Take a close look at what you have in life… chances are you have more reasons to be happy than meets the eye.

And live beyond the happiness that too many of us write about on social media. And look, I didn’t even post a picture, because I was laughing with all my molars again”transferred prancing through a post that quickly garnered thousands of likes and comments praising the wake up call and the advice given.

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