Norge Vera SENT A MESSAGE after facing his compatriot – SwingComplete

By Jerry Diaz/ @Jerryto94

After a downpour that delayed the game for several minutes, he did not go out to the box again and his performance ended with six batters facing each other. One of those was fellow Cuban Leosdany Molina, who was batting second and shortstop. Vera flew Molina out to right field on the third pitch.

After the game, the man from Santiago sent a public message to his compatriot in which he commented on how happy he was to see him again and play baseball together.

“Glad to be able to play with you again little brother after everything we’ve been through and the time we haven’t seen our family. Everything was done for a dream and a purpose, today it came true. Positive mind all the time that everything will be fine. My brother loves you.”

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