Nokia also bets on the metaverse

One of the mobile references at the beginning of the century is committed to mixed reality.

Mobile telephony is a thing of the past: Nokia is also committed to the metaverse

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Nowadays, you will hardly meet people who do not have a mobile phone as a device to communicate with others. It already depends on age, needs or personal tastes to opt for one model or another, although if you don’t know which one to buy, you can always consult our complete mobile phone buying guide.

Nokiawho in his day was the undisputed king of the sector, seems to have trust him famous metaverse and he envisions a society that puts these terminals aside in order to embrace technologies that are risky right now. The futureaccording to the company of Finnish origin, passes through get rid of mobile phones.

Android inside a classic Nokia: this is the strange Frankenstein phone

The beginning of a new era is near and it will come for all of us

These are not our words, but the opinion of the highest managers of Nokia, perhaps more desire than reality at the present time, given the degree of maturity that mobile devices have reached in the year 2022. nishant batra is the head of strategy and technology at Nokia and believes the metaversea word that is almost always misused and that loses value as we repeat it over and over again, will dominate the world of communications in a few years. According to his statements collected by The Spokesman Review, Nishant states what:

Our belief is that mobile phones will be overtaken by the metaverse experience in the second half of the decade.

Nokia bets on the metaverse as a revolution of the second half of this decade

Nokia is committed to the metaverse as a revolution in the second half of this decade. Nokia

It seems that some of the big tech companies agree on point to the year 2030 as the turning point for the democratization of the metaverse, in what is perhaps more a wish than a reality. However, Nokia you also get on this boat and enter a term rarely mentioned, which is that of the human enhancement. For the company, this is defined as ‘the technology that allows people to interact with the digital world’. Virtual reality headsets and possible augmented reality glasses that sound at companies like Apple would be consumers’ gateway to the world that is not seen with the naked eye.

The merging of the digital and physical world will need so much of products to be able to break through in the new reality, but also technologies, systems and processes new. At present, it seems that the metaverse is beginning to arouse the interest of many people. The digital medium Martech has published an article where it points out that in a survey of more than 400 peoplethe 68% of respondents would seek musical events in the metaverse, the 58% would like to travel or do sightseeingthe 53% they would go to virtual stores and live eventsMeanwhile he 52% of people would use the new technology as a platform for video game. The metaverse seems to be determined to reach us and Nokia is also confident of this.

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