Ninel Conde Begs and Gives Her Arm to ‘Twist’ to Be Able to See Her Son

Desperate to see her son, Mexican singer Ninel Conde, sends a message to her ex Giovanni Medina through the cameras

Ninel Conde has not seen her son Emmanuel Medina for almost two years, however, she has not stopped trying to have him with her again, but due to the time that has elapsed she has given up and begs Giovanni Medina assuring that he will comply. that he asks you

And it is that the famous singer and actress of Mexican soap operas, has maintained a tense relationship with her ex, the businessman from Mexico City since after having ended as a couple it was her son who has remained in the middle of their parents. 

It was through an interview for the program Sale el Sol, that Ninel Conde decided to send a message of ‘peace’ to Giovanni Medina, where finally and with the desperation that only a mother could have, she gives her arm to twist and assures him that he will fulfill the conditions that he sets in order to see his son. 

From Guadalajara, Jalisco, the ‘Bombón Asesino’ was questioned by the press about the last time she and Medina saw each other since it was last June that they saw each other for the hearing where they had a legal battle over the custody of the child. Emmanuel

But of course, at that moment the boy “did not want to see his mother”  so they ended up agreeing that Ninel sees him through video calls. Although that could not be either, since Medina insisted that the boy did not want to talk to his mother. 

In this interview, the interpreter of ‘You put me to sin’, said that she had had the opportunity to see him ‘for a second’, so she was sad because she couldn’t do that anymore to feel him close. 

On the other hand, she said that the presentations she has given singing in the United States are what has allowed her to distract herself a bit from everything that happens, that God and the support of her followers were what made her feel better at times when He has decided to lower his guard. 

I would love to be able to hug my son and give him a gift and thus be able to have a beautiful end of the year, “said the singer. 

Taking advantage of the interview, they also asked him about Larry Ramos and his legal situation, something that did not seem to the actress, so the interrogation abruptly ended. 

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