Nicole Kidman unleashes the madness with her big muscles at the age of 55

Nicole Kidman has shown over the years that age is just a number, a view he shares with other big movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, among others, who see the years go by, but who by their physiques do not seem to pass. And it is that a long career as an actress does not seem to be enough for her, but she wants more of her, and therefore she remains in good shape.

The actress is in a great professional and personal moment, and this has been demonstrated for the British magazine ‘perfect‘, where it appears as cover image, showing biceps and showing that he maintains an enviable physique at 55 years old. With a serious face and a look towards the camera and positioning her arms with her fists raised to show her biceps.

Your secrets to stay in shape

An image that has gone viral and has been commented on all over the world, as it shows that he follows a very solid exercise routine, as he previously confessed in different interviews, such as the one granted to ‘Los Angeles Times’, where he assured that Motivation tries to mix it with “sports, running, yoga and even going for a walk” with her husband and daughters.

Training is one of his great passions and what has helped him stay in shape. However, it has not been the only thing that has helped him to fulfill this purpose, since another of the factors that help him is the 80/20 rulewhich refers to his diet, including a 80% whole and unprocessed foodsand a 20% cravingsalthough sometimes it has exceeded this last percentage.

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