Nicole Kidman, the queen Midas of streaming series

MEXICO CITY, June 20 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Actress Nicole Kidman almost guarantees the success of the projects in which she participates. Whether in movies or in television series, she has achieved the recognition of the audiences who see her as a star in full splendor.
He was born on June 20, 1967 in Hawaii, although of Australian parents, he shares dual nationality.
His film debut was made in the Australian film “Bush Christmas” in 1983. He arrived in Hollywood six years later and in his first film he shared credits with Tom Cruise in “Days of thunder”. Little by little, Kidman’s works were adding hits at the box office such as “Practical Magic” (1998), “Eyes wide shut” (1999), “The Others” (2001), “Bewitched” (2005) and the most recent that earned him the Oscar nomination, “Being the Ricardos” (2021).
However, Kidman not only fills the big screen, but also the girl and in recent years she has become a “Queen Midas” of the series, since almost all where she participates have been applauded by critics.
To celebrate her 55 years of life, let’s remember some marathon-worthy series to appreciate the work of Nicole Kidman.

1. “Big Little Lies” (2007)
In two seasons full of murder, guilt and intrigue, five apparently perfect women find themselves in a situation that will not only change their lives, but also that of their children. In this series, Kidman gave life to a woman who experiences domestic violence. In addition to the Australian, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Zoƫ Kravitz and as a special guest of the second season, Meryl Streep also participated. It can be seen through HBO.

2. “The Undoing” (2020)
Nothing is what it seems and in this suspenseful miniseries the rule is confirmed. Kidman must face not only the infidelity of her husband, but she will gradually discover who her partner really is, and thus her perfect life will suddenly be fractured and exposed publicly. The series marked the spectacular return of Hugh Grant. Donald Sutherland, Matilda De Angelis and Lily Rabe also performed. It can be seen through HBO.

3. “Nine perfect strangers” (2021)
Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans and Bobby Cannavale are just some of the actors who also work in this series that takes place in a health complex, where their assistants seek to restart their lives in search of a better path. It can be seen through Amazon Prime Video.

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