Nicole Kidman surprises and goes viral with her shocking new image

Nicole Kidman She has been one of the most recognized names in Hollywood and one of the most admired women in the world for decades, as well as over the years has shown on numerous occasions that age is just a number and that years do not define his incredible physical shapesomething that other well-known faces in the industry also attest to like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Beyond her long career as an actress, Nicole also she has always been very focused on her health and fitness, so she has always kept herself in good shape.


Nicole Kidman can boast of being going through a great moment both personally and professionally and among many other projects, He has just become the cover image of the British magazine ‘Perfect’, where he appears wearing an impressive new ‘look’ in which its very marked muscles making it clear that he has a more than enviable physical shape at 55 years of age.

Kidman appears on the cover of the aforementioned magazine with a serious face and a defiant look at the camera, while raising his arms with his fists raised, revealing his sculpted biceps.

The image has not taken long to go viral on social networks and has become one of the most commented publicationsand if something makes the impressive image clear, it is that the protagonist of ‘Australia’ follows a demanding and tough exercise routinesomething that she has already talked about in previous interviews, in which she has assured that she uses her motivation in “sports, running, yoga and even going for a walk” with her husband and daughters.

In addition, he has never hidden that he loves sports and Training every day is one of her great passions and, without a doubt, the one that helps her the most to maintain her incredible physical shape.although not the only one.

The well-known actress She has also revealed that another of the factors that help her maintain her physique is the 80/20 rulea factor that refers to the diet that Nicole followsthat includes 80% whole and unprocessed foods and 20% snacksalthough he confesses that on occasion or other he has exceeded this percentage.

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