Nicolas Sarkozy: “I chose Emmanuel Macron because I didn’t want Marine Le Pen or Jean-Luc Mélenchon”

Pascal Proud’s guest on Europe 1 on Tuesday, August 29, Nicolas Sarkozy promoted his latest book and talked about hot news issues. The former president, in particular, believed that it was necessary to have a “leader of the Republican right.”

After 8 pm TF1 news and an interview with Le Parisien, Nicolas Sarkozy continues his media tour on Europe 1’s Pascal Proud and You on Tuesday. Fayard), in which he deciphers the highlights of his five-year term, returns to the current political climate in France. According to him, “the leader of the right-wing Republicans” is urgently needed.

The former president of the republic explained that he “believes in the split between right and left and that not all opinions are equal.” According to Nicolas Sarkozy, this part of public opinion “needs to be represented and implemented,” he said.

As for knowing who could embody this figure: “There are people who have talent and potential, such as Gerald Darmanin, Edouard Philippe or Laurent Vauquier. Subsequently, fate, luck and talent will be decisive, I will not be able to tell you today who will be the person who will unite the right, but we need a leader of the right-wing Republicans, ”he urged. .

Emmanuel Macron, default choice

And this leader is clearly not Emmanuel Macron. Asked by a listener about his support for the current President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy explained that he “choose Emmanuel Macron” because “I didn’t want Marine Le Pen or Jean-Luc Mélenchon.” “I made this choice not because I agree with him on everything, but as a former president of the republic, it was my duty to make the best choice in the political climate, and I do not regret it,” the former president said.

“Too much thinking can lead to inaction,” Nicolas Sarkozy also assessed. “It’s very rare for a leader to suggest that this could cause a certain amount of brutality,” he elaborated, referring to his five-year term and that of Emmanuel Macron.

The ex-head of state also revised his decision to limit the number of terms of office of the president of the republic. “If I had a choice, I would do it again in exactly the same way, ten years in power is huge. Power is dangerous, you get used to it, it’s a strong drug, ten years is more than enough,” he said.

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