Neymar turned on all the alarms

LUSAIL (Special envoy) – The journalists showed each other the images on their cell phones, commented on the situation, tried to gather information. In the mixed zone of the Lusail Stadium, Richarlison’s goals faded into the background. The big topic of conversation happened to be Neymar.

It caused concern to see his grief on the substitute bench after being replaced by Tite after 79 minutes of the 2-0 win over Serbia, in the debut of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The focus was also on his departure from the field, with right ankle already swollen, ice in the area and quite a few difficulties walking.

As his teammates appeared along the path that separates the locker room from the bus, the concerns of the press were repeated about the state of health of 10 de la Verdeamarela.

“I think Ney is going to be fine. He is a bit sad about the blow, but tomorrow morning he will already be happy and happy to train with us and recover as quickly as possible and be ready against Switzerland“said Vinicius Junior, figure of Real Madrid.

The one who went further was Raphinha: “In my opinion, he (Neymar) is fine. He has the injury there, but I think the referees also have to know how to defend the players. Otherwise, all games will be like this until the worst happens.”the Barcelona attacker shot in front of the microphones.

Fred and Antony were more cautious. “We don’t talk to him. We hope that he is well and that he will help our team in the next game,” said the Manchester United player. “We still don’t know what happened. We know how important it is to us”, added his replacement in the match.

Suddenly, Tite’s press conference, which was taking place in an adjoining room, began to broadcast on the television screen in the mixed zone. And next to the Scratch coach was Rodrigo Lesmar, the doctor for the Brazilian National Team.

“Neymar has a sprain. We treated him immediately on the bench and now he continues with the physio. We have to wait 24/48 hours to better understand the extent of the injury. You have to be calm and patient”the doctor assured.

The journalists, glued to the giant screen, tried to take note quickly. And the Brazilian envoys became the luxury interpreters to pass on Lesmar’s statements. “We trust that Neymar will be able to continue playing,” Tite said with hope. In addition, DT said that the PSG footballer remained on the field for several minutes with a bad ankle to collaborate with the team.

It only remained to see him. And finally he came out, behind Marquinhos and Thaigo Silva, with his National Team beanie, his accreditation across his chest and his golden headphones, out of his ears and a blue bottle in his left hand. The camera and cell phone plans pointed to his right foot to capture the inflamed area. Wearing flip flops, walking with some difficulty, he crossed the entire path of fences.

“Ney, Ney, Ney” was the unsuccessful attempt of the press. She managed to thank and continued on. Her head was elsewhere. His desire is that of millions of compatriots. And the next few hours will be key to find out how the story continues.

You have three days to recover neymarwho would not play again until next Monday the 28th against Swissin a meeting that aims to define if Brazil will be first in the group or not and if, therefore, it will be in the path of Spain at the end.

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