New Zealand justice minister resigns after drunk driving accident

New Zealand Justice Minister Kiri Allan, 39, has resigned after he was detained after a car accident and found to be intoxicated.

Allan is charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest.

About the dead and injured as a result of a traffic accident that occurred in Wellington on Sunday night, not reported.

After his arrest, Allan was taken to the police station, where he was released after four hours of detention.

Allan will stand trial on the charges against him at a later date.

The former minister will remain a member of parliament for the time being.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, who held a press conference on the matter, said: “He is convinced that his continued work as minister is not viable. Moreover, the Minister of Justice…”

Former minister Allan previously held other ministerial positions. It also recently became known that he went on vacation due to “personal difficulties.”

Allan, who confirmed the breakup with a partner last month, was also accused of “bad business dealings” with his employees.

“What I did yesterday shows that I am not very good,” Allan said in a statement, adding that he would also assess his future in politics.

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