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The rapid digitization that was already taking place throughout the world, and which accelerated with the impact of the pandemic, at the beginning of 2020, will deepen during 2023. We are already seeing significant investments in the automation of repetitive processes, super applications and in general, all digital technology is providing new experiences for customers and employees; increased concern and attention to data privacy and security; and an incipient adoption of new technologies based on the web3, the blockchain, the metaverse and artificial intelligence, among other.

By 2023, entrepreneurs must be well informed and advised on where they should direct their investments, and develop a strategy accordingly that allows them to increase revenue with new operating models focused on the client and with a vision of sustainability.

These are the main software development trends in 2023 that entrepreneurs should take into account when planning their objectives based on the business:

We believe that in 2023 more companies will seek their transition to agile work models, not only in technology, but also agility in each of the business units. And those that are in this process will seek to correct the problems of bad implementations due to technical problems (highly coupled platforms), silo-oriented cultures and little vision in the use of methods. From LIVEWARE we will continue helping our clients to achieve a true institutionalization of agility by managing the cultural, process and technical aspects that are, as we said, the great inhibitors of these change processes, taking advantage of the best of the different methods offered by the industry. .

The digital transformation processes will continue as the great strategic objective, including greater investments in migrating to the cloud, (possibly with a focus on the Industrial Cloud), not only of the legacy platforms, but also the acquisitions of new applications that already operate exclusively in this modality. For those organizations that have already stabilized a transformation, the challenge will be to innovate/enrich their services to anticipate the demands of their customers and scale with new digital products and services available anytime, anywhere. This will imply the architecture of its digital services in order to obtain robust and dynamic platforms. They will also continue to invest in improving/changing their legacy systems and devising dynamic and secure integration strategies. We will continue collaborating with our digital transformation, enterprise architecture and allied DevOps and DevSecOps paradigm definition and implementation services, together with the unquestionable agility of the transformation processes.

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Companies, whatever their industry, will invest in Artificial Intelligence applications to support its business processes and give better experiences to your customers and greater capabilities to your employees. The challenge will not only be to develop the solution, but also to ensure that this solution, put into production, is scalable, highly available, secure, integrable and high-performance, and what is a critical success factor: ensuring the governance of its sources of data, without which no AI application can be trusted. We are reinforcing our already recognized data governance services, definition and selection of tools for RPA and a whole team of data scientists working collaboratively with software engineers to define, design and deploy AI solutions.

Cybersecurity is and will be another central objective for companies next year. Ensuring confidentiality and protection of data, new architectural patterns to guarantee secure applications and development processes are challenges that cannot be postponed, the design and development of products and services based on consent will be a trend to be strongly installed in digital organizations. Practices such as observability and AI-based applications are and will continue to be allies to achieve immune digital environments. With our architecture and cybersecurity consulting services we will continue to support our clients.

In 2023 we believe that there will be greater interest in experimenting on Blockchain, not only in the financial domain, but also in other areas where this technology can be disruptive such as health, government, logistics and many more. We will be investing in creating a support service and development of applications based on this technology

The metaverse is another technology that companies will start investing in. in experimentation to create a value proposition based on enhancing the physical world with the virtual to offer disruptive experiences in the world of retail, real estate, health, tourism and others.

Finally, we believe that another great challenge for digital organizations, both those that are born and those that are transformed, is the increasing use of technology with a vision of sustainability, caring for the environment, having an efficient consumption of energy as a quality attribute of the applications will be a “must” at a global level. New methods for architecture design, more efficient languages ​​and the integration between developers with AI assistants will be an ally in this challenge.

Founder and President of LIVEWARE.

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