new Shapeshifters arrive and these are their numbers

In addition to the eleven cards that arrived in FIFA 22 last Friday, from today until June 24 we have three more Shapeshifters in Ultimate Team packs. They are Jack Grealish, Andrew Robertson and Everton. And it is curious that many users already saw the features of these special versions a couple of days ago, because they could leave in the loaned Metamorfo player pick that we received.

FIFA 22 – New Transferable Shapeshifters

Jack Grealish (Premier League – England)

Stats in game Grealish Shapeshifters FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
He has five stars for skills and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, unique Body Type, is 1’80 and is left-handed.

attacker quite complete, with good numbers that will look better thanks to their stars. Yes the FUT Birthday it combined five in bad leg and four in skills, this one has five in watermarks and four in bad leg.

Their Body Type tends to hurt their dribbling stats, making them look slightly worse on the pitch. Other than that the 97 dribbling is a bit misleading because the agility (94) and balance (93) drop slightly. But anyway, He must not be out of tune due to his driving and he will know how to generate scoring chances of his own thanks to all his resources. Apart from the fact that physically he also complies, due to his 80 strength (which with Halc√≥n goes to 85) and his 1’80 height. So he won’t be out of tune on the counterattacks either.

His pass is top, he will keep up the pace throughout the game for 99 stamina and it will be easy to include him in hybrids for all his links. So Grealish Shapeshifters can be a very useful card. Although obviously, we will have to wait to see what its market price is. It may be too expensive.

Andrew Robertson (Premier League – Scotland)

Stats in game Robertson Shapeshifters FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
He has four skill stars and bad leg, high/high work rate, unique Body Type, is 1’78 and is left-handed.

Another letter for the Premier League. He can work very well as a box-to-box midfielder, he will perform defensively and with the ball he shouldn’t be out of tune either. Yes it is true that the numbers in agility (87) and balance (82) are low for the current moment of FIFA 22, but they are not horrible either and he will compensate them with his four stars in skills and bad leg. In addition to his passing, he is very good and can do a lot of damage as a striker.

He’ll make very smart runs because of the 99 Positioning, and his 74 Finishing will be more effective because of the 99 Shot Power. While behind him he won’t stand out because of his forcefulness in the melee, he’s only 1’78. But defensive stats are worthy of a center back and his 84 strength will go up to 94 with Anchor as chemistry. Much less should we notice it insecure, it will be able to face all kinds of Ultimate Team attackers. Apart from that he will almost always be willing to participate due to the high/high work rate, and we do not have to worry about his fatigue thanks to the 99 in stamina.

Everton (Portugal League – Brazil)

Stats in game Everton Shapeshifters FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
He has five skill stars and four bad leg, high/low work rate, “Balanced” Body Type, is 1’74 and right-handed.

In FIFA 22 we have some interesting bargains for Liga Portugal, so this Everton Shapeshifters can be very useful to give them chemistry. It’s a shame his shooting stats aren’t a bit higher, and dribbling will work less well because of the “Balanced” Body Type. But anyway, if you’re skillful with skill moves, he should be a competitive attacker thanks to his stars. For combining five in skills with four bad leg.

Since there are such well-rounded cards in Ultimate Team right now, we shouldn’t be surprised by their performance. But if you don’t have a big budget or you want to use different players than usual, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to test Benfica’s Brazilian soccer player. We assume that it will not be too expensive.

Remember that on our Telegram broadcast channel We notify you instantly every time we publish FIFA 22 Ultimate Team posts. Here we leave you the analysis of pepe Y Free Gerhardt Shapeshifters. All the best!

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