New Seagate SSD Expansion Card Price Drop for Xbox Series X / S

New Seagate SSD Expansion Card Price Drop for Xbox Series X / S

As you already know, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S can expand their storage memory through 3.0 external hard drives for Xbox One games and 1 TB Seagate expansion cards for games optimized for the new consoles. One of the handicaps of these expansion cards is their price, currently there is only one manufacturer that creates them and the price has not moved much since they were launched on November 10.

Right now the only one available that we can find in the market is the 1 TB Seagate and the price has barely moved from its official price in this almost month that it has been on sale. The official price is € 250.00, but now you can find it with a great discount on its original price.

Seagate’s SSD expansion card for Xbox Series X / S at the best price

  • The Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S was designed in collaboration with Microsoft and is the only external storage device that allows users to maintain the same Xbox Velocity Architecture performance when playing games optimized for the next generation of Xbox consoles.
  • The custom storage card perfectly mirrors the functionality of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S internal solid state drives (SSDs), and features 1 TB of additional capacity to allow gamers to bundle new and legacy games from four generations of Xbox that includes games that are compatible with previous versions of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Original Xbox.
  • The storage expansion card has a sleek design, and is optimized for playing Xbox games from the internal solid state drive or storage expansion card without sacrificing graphics, speed, load times, or frame rates.
  • Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S Includes three years warranty limited

Low price

In recent months, Seagate’s memory expansion card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been gradually falling in price. The price as we have commented a little above is of 250 euros and is currently in the € 191.20, this being the cheapest price that has been found since it was launched in November of last year. We take this opportunity to remind you that the new offers of the week from the Xbox store are available, you can check them through the following link.

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