New record: 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September | Univision News United States

September recorded a new record of employees who quit their job: 4.4 million Americans, reported the Department of Labor. Some reasons that explain it range from opportunities with better wages and benefits Even the concern of some with face-to-face work modality who fear being infected by the rebound in covid-19 cases.

The figure is an example of how instability in the labor market continues to complicate the recovery of the economy, already hit after almost two years of pandemic.

The sectors most affected by these resignations are those of entertainment, arts, recreation, restaurants and lodging; as well as education and health services, especially in the south and west of the country, the statement read.

Already in August a record of resignations had been registered that they had not seen each other in 20 years, with 4.3 million workers leaving their jobs, the equivalent of 3% of the workforce. By then, the number of available positions was 11.1 million. This month it fell slightly, to 10.4 million, a figure that, however, remains high in relation to the historical levels that the country has had.

Daniel Zhao, an economist at Glassdoor, told the newspaper The Washington Post that the delta variant has had its effect on resignations and has caused some to leave their jobs despite having no other guaranteed offer.

Inflation adds to record worker resignation

The figure comes a day after it was announced that inflation soared 6.2% in one year (from October to October), the largest increase recorded since 1990. That inflation is eroding workers’ wages. Its acceleration has generated a headache for the Joe Biden government and the confidence of the Americans in the advance of the economy is diminishing.

It has been reflected, for example, in necessary expenses, such as those related to energy, which shot up 4.8% from September to October.

Economists still expect inflation to slow down once distribution bottlenecks are removed. As the pandemic subsides, consumers should spend more on travel, entertainment and other services and less on goods such as cars, furniture and appliances, which would reduce pressure on supply chains.

But no one knows how long that could take. Rising inflation has persisted much longer than most economists expected.


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