New lawsuit filed against Subway for finding chicken, pork and beef DNA in its “100% tuna” products


Nov 13, 2021 02:03 GMT

From the food chain they responded that this type of study is not “reliable” to identify denatured proteins.

A new demand for “cheat” your customers was filed in the United States against the Subway chain in federal court in San Francisco after laboratory tests found chicken, beef and pork proteins on products that are promoted as “100% tuna”.

The first complaint was made by clients Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin last January and claimed that salads, sandwiches and other tuna products were “devoid” of this ingredient. The second, made in October, was dismissed by the court on the grounds that the complainants did not prove that they had bought the tuna at Subway stores.

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Finally, the latest lawsuit was filed on November 8 and is based on tests conducted by a marine biologist on twenty samples of tuna taken from twenty Subway facilities in Southern California. Of them, 19 had no “detectable tuna DNA sequences”, while in all there was detectable chicken DNA, in eleven there was pork and in seven, beef.

For this reason, the lawsuit for alleged fraud and violation of California consumer protection laws contends that the evidence reveals that Subway mislabelled its tuna and tuna products. “misled” consumers so they would pay higher prices.

Company response

A Subway spokesperson dismissed the new lawsuit and said the plaintiffs filed three unsubstantiated complaints and in each one of them they changed the story.

In addition, he said that DNA tests “are not a reliable way to identify denatured proteins”, such as Subway’s tuna, which was “cooked before being tested.”

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