New images of Andrea Balan and Victor Cornea have taken the internet by storm. The detail was noticed by the fans. “Is it just me?”

Andrea Balan and Victor Cornea seem to have melted away one by one. The two often post photos of their antics and always confess their love. The famous singer very often travels with Viktor Kornya, she accompanied him on tour in Hamburg, Germany, and now they are in Austria. Obviously, they posted on Instagram and from here photos of how they relax.

Andrea posted photos of her by the pool, from the room they were staying in, and of her running barefoot across the grass.


“With my emotional maturation and spiritual awakening, I have come to love nature walks, meditation, and feeling the ground with my bare feet. This is how I recharge and am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life,” the star wrote online.

What fans noticed in the latest images posted by Andrea Balan

In one of the photos, she appears with Victor, and fans immediately noticed an unexpected detail. They believe that these two are very similar to each other and make the perfect couple.

“You have a young soul, you are cheerful and optimistic, and it shows from the outside. A beauty and a worker. You deserve the best”, “God, how you sow! You say you are kindred spirits!”, “You are very similar”, “You two are very similar. Be happy together!”, “Be happy, the past has left enough scars, now it’s your turn to be happy and truly loved. Good health”,

“You are part of one whole! Sow extraordinarily well! Eyes, nose, mouth, smile… you two are beautiful! Enjoy every moment together and your happiness”, “Is it just me? They both look alike”, “You are very suitable for each other and you can see that you are happy!!! I hope it stays that way forever! You are wonderful, you are like brothers, I wish you only happiness,” there were some messages from fans.

One day, her mother asked Andrea how she manages to divide her time between her boyfriend and little girls. The artist reacted instantly and did not seem to be bothered by the indiscreet question: “Very good! My mom helps me, and they went on vacation.”

After her divorce from George Burcha, the little girls Ella and Clara remained in the care of Andrea Balan. The star is always helped by her mother who takes care of the little girls as well as the house. Little Clara and Ella recently returned from vacation with their father, George Burcha.

What is the age difference between Andrea Balan and Victor Cornea

The artist confirmed the relationship with the tennis player on her birthday, when she turned 39, and she seems insanely happy. After several failures in love, the artist again has butterflies in her stomach, and the 9-year age difference between her and Victor does not bother her at all. Moreover, Andrea said that she was always sure that her partner would be younger.

“For the last two years, I didn’t talk much about my personal life, because I thought that I needed time to be alone and work on myself. I had to calibrate myself. Combine the stage side with the human side. When I released all the negative energies, the Universe gave me everything I wanted, a very suitable person for me. Do you think I look my age? I look at least 10 years younger, and here it is not felt, not visible. I always thought that I would be with someone younger than me. This is what I felt in my manifestations and meditations. I feel very young, I am young at heart and act like a child,” Andrea Bălan told Antena Stars.

Photo: Instagram

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