Netflix wants to create its own ‘Fortnite’

One of the most famous phrases of the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, is the one in which he stated that his platform was not competing against HBO, but against Fortnite. He said it at the beginning of 2019, during a company results presentation, and it seems that he stands by it. So much so that the video-on-demand giant – which has also been offering video games for a year – has just published a job offer looking for a professional to direct “a big-budget video game for PC”.

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Netflix will focus its efforts on developing mobile video games

“Our main goal is to create a great game that players want to come back to repeatedly,” states the job posting posted on Netflix Jobs. To do this, they are looking for a profile with at least 10 years of experience in the electronic entertainment industry, specifically in first and third person action games, to lead “one of the first games of the first generation of titles developed internally by Netflix. .

Netflix is ​​buying development studios to produce video games based on its most successful series

Netflix has acquired several development studios in recent months to produce video games based on its successful series

The announcement specifies that it is a “AAA” game, which within the video game sector is also known as “Triple A”, that is, a high-budget blockbuster. To do this, they say, “they are laying the foundations for a small but ambitious team of creators.” It also highlights the requirement that the person in charge of the project be able to “develop a world, characters, and a narrative that are worthy of a Netflix movie/series.”

Other details of the job offer that offer hints about the future game is the requirement that the person in charge of the project be able to “implement the initial features of the game within the prototype of the game in Unreal Engine”, as well as the “ability from concentrating on rapid prototyping to rapidly iterating.”

Netflix seeks an experienced professional to direct “a big-budget video game for PC”

Precisely, Unreal Engine is the same graphics engine that uses Fortnite. In fact, Epic Games, the American company behind this popular video game, is also the owner of this graphics engine, which is how it is known to the world. software on which the videogame is designed, programmed and run.

The job offer refers to a big-budget PC game, though judging by all these clues, it’s easy to guess a bit further. Netflix could be looking to create an action game with a business model similar to that of games as a service as Fortnitethat is, a free game with constant updates and optional micropayments.

Netflix Games is available from today on Android devices

Netflix already has around 40 video games on its platform

The Los Gatos, California-based company began offering video games on its platform in November of last year. Although at first its catalog was very limited, currently there are more than 40 available titles.- These are not executed via streaming like movies or series, but require the player to download them through the Apple Store or Google Play.

Now, for the moment, Netflix’s commitment to video games is not bearing the desired results. Last August, it was learned that less than 1% of its subscribers play the platform’s games daily, and that it increasingly has more interesting titles, such as poinpy, Into the Breach either moonlighter.

At the moment, Netflix’s commitment to games is not paying off as expected

Despite the fact that the first results do not accompany, Netflix persists in its commitment to the video game sector. Recently, he has acquired several development teams (Night School, Boss Fight and Next Games) and has also created his own studio in Helsiki, Finland. All this in a context as competitive as the one that has recently led Google to close its Stadia video game service.

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