Neither diets nor exercises: this is the modest secret of Angelina Jolie to be thin

Sugar-free drinks, soy milk and lean meats are just some of Angelina Jolie’s eating secrets to stay in shape at age 47. But they are not the only tricks! Pay attention to this particular detail that she has revealed!

American actress, Angelina JolieHe is undoubtedly a Hollywood legend. She directs, produces, acts, and is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is the daughter of actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, so her career in show business began when she was very young.

One of his first productions was in the 1995 American thriller “Hackers”. However, his worldwide fame skyrocketed with his celebrated performance as Lisa Rowe in “Girl Interrupted” which won Jolie an Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2000.

So fame is something he’s dealt with Angelina from an early age, being in the center of attention, for better and for worse. And one of the many reasons that make her on everyone’s lips is her statuesque figure. How does she do it, her, is what everyone wonders.

The truth is that Jolie She is a woman who takes very good care of her diet. The “Maleficent” actress follows a healthy diet based on lean beef and fish, as well as vegetables, sugar-free drinks and soy or vegetable milk, according to information from However, that’s not her biggest fitness secret.

A note from revealed that Angelina She eats each of her meals sitting down. That’s right, this Hollywood legend does not like to consume food by jumping from here to there. Sitting at the table or in some comfortable place is her secret to paying full attention to eating her dish and not “overeating”.

Angelina Jolie eating. Photo:

Angelina Jolie eating with her son. Photo: Twitter @ajolieph

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