Neil Druckmann spoke of Naughty Dog’s next step: “It won’t be like anything we’ve done”

(Photo: PS5 Capture)
(Photo: PS5 Capture)

As fans wait for January 15 to start watching the live-action series of The Last of Usthe co-chair of Naughty Dog He told in an interview about the “new structure” that is being prepared for the next launch of the study.

The conversation took place as a debate on the “curse of video game adaptations” in movies and series, from the hand of The New Yorker magazine. There, the study leader, Neil Druckman, He commented that he had a lot of hope for his new adaptation, mainly because the initial material had been designed by people whose careers originated in other audiovisual media. “Sometimes adaptations don’t work because the people working on them don’t understand what the source material is like.”, commented the director.

New images of the series based on the popular video game
New images of the series based on the popular video game

Among explanations of how the series was filmed, Druckmann clarified that Naughty Dog’s next project would be structured “more like a TV show” from the beginning and that a writers room has begun to be assembled to start with a solid base at the narrative level.

In this way, the next step in their study would be to start creating experiences in a way that “will not be like anything they had experienced”, with the hope that interactive stories will be able to consolidate themselves as transmedia from the beginning of their production as a video game.

The Last of Us series will premiere on HBO Max on January 15, 2023.

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