Neighbors arrest Miguel Ángel Cordero, suspected of attempted kidnapping and rape of a child in Houston | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

Houston Texas. – An 11-year-old Hispanic boy, whose identity will not be released for security reasons, was the victim of an attempted kidnapping and rape with death threats. He managed to escape.

The suspect, identified as Miguel Ángel Cordero, was arrested after the boy’s neighbors did not let him run away.

The events occurred in the laundry area of ​​an apartment complex located in the Pasadena area, a city southeast of Houston.

Mother of the 11-year-old child recounts the origin of the horror story

The mother of the minor shared with Univision 45 the moments of terror experienced by the 11-year-old boy.

“He went to wash his clothes. He comes to tell me that a man who lived there said that he had just moved into the apartments, the ones where I live, and that if I could lend him the letter, because I didn’t have a letter to wash, and that he was going to give him the money in cash. cash,” the mother recalled.

The boy asked if he could do it and she told him not to charge him, to give him the laundry.

“He told me to put myself in a bad position”: the child’s testimony

His son returned to answer the presumed neighbor who would give him the laundry and that’s when the situation took another turn.

“He deceived him. He told him that if he was going to help him look for a letter, he believed that he was (bringing) a letter and then the boy was going to help him look. That was when he put it in the car,” he described. Mother.

Inside the car, the man would not let him out and threatened him with death if he continued to resist, the minor told his mother.

“He told me to put myself in a bad position and told me that if I made a noise, that if I screamed, that I was walking (I was bringing) a gun, that he was going to kill me,” said the little boy.

Somehow, the boy managed to open the door and got out of the car. He met his older brother, who was already looking for him, and the neighbors heard what had happened, so they decided to detain the man until the authorities arrived.

Videos recorded by residents of the area show the mother yelling at the man, complaining about what he did to her son. The suspect assured that the boy entered the car for the pleasure of him.

The Houston Police Department arrested the suspect.

Miguel Ángel Cordero was arrested and is being held in the Harris County Jail. He faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and has a $250,000 bond.

After what he experienced, now the minor seeks to help people by making his dream come true. Now I want to be a police officer told Univision 45.

For her part, the mother assures that her son is still very nervous and that she has even asked him to move house because she fears for his safety after the man was arrested.

He took the opportunity to make a recommendation to the parents of the family: “Don’t trust me, because trusting me, what was going to happen to me was going to happen to me, because I was helping people.”

Recommendations of the authorities to avoid being a victim of kidnapping

Most assaults occur when the person is getting in or out of their vehicle, which is a time when they are taken by surprise.

It is important to always look around and verify that there is no person inside a vehicle looking at you with a suspicious attitude. If so, it is better to walk away.

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