Negotiations on forming a coalition in the Riga City Council continue

The chairman of the LA faction also said that today’s conversation can be regarded as a good start, “to agree on one page” regarding the possibilities of cooperation. In the future, it is planned to discuss in detail what to do in Riga.

During the remote meeting, the parties conceptually agreed that if they can work together, then there are still many things that need to be discussed in detail at the same time – negotiations on them will continue next week, the leader of the LA faction said. According to Zeps, party politicians also received a draft memorandum of cooperation, which they will discuss in their faction and may propose their additions.

The Los Angeles politician has repeatedly noted that, for example, to achieve the goal of debureaucratization, it is not so much additional funds that are required as, first of all, intellectual capabilities.

LA was also presented with a draft memorandum of cooperation, which was also proposed by “Par/ProgresÄ«vajjeim” (PP), but negotiations with PP did not end before it was signed, the politician of the Kyrgyz Republic noted.

According to Ozola, a similar meeting will be held with the Honor to Serve Riga, as well as with three deputies who are not members of factions – Kaspar Spundi, Valters Berg and Guntars Jurgensons.

Similarly, the parties that form the PP – Movement “For!” – it is planned to contact the representatives about whether they want to join the emerging coalition.

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