NB II: Honvéd left without points after dramatic final game

The course of the hosts’ coach failed.

Honved Budapest hosted Szombathely Haladash in the final match of the 6th round of NB II. There were few noteworthy events in the first half, mostly there was a fighting on the field, kispeshtis did a little more for a goal, but the sides left for the break with a score of 0-0.

In the continuation of the team pounced on him. There were situations here and there. However, the first goal had to wait until the 64th minute, when Bertalan Bochkay was able to shoot from a free kick 22 meters from the goal, which he beautifully twisted into the lower left corner. The answer came from Haladas in the blink of an eye. Jancho, who came on as a substitute, first hit the post with his head, and then, 3 meters from the goal, did not make a mistake with his foot. The home team also suffered from the exhibition game: after Kovac’s foul, the referee did not hesitate and immediately showed a red card. However, the blow was still ahead, Bochkay knocked down an opponent in the penalty area, so a penalty could follow. Pinezitz made a surprise substitution and replaced his goalkeeper with Tuivelt, but even that was not enough to save Chernik’s penalty. The ending was filled with a fiery atmosphere, but Haladas managed to win despite the disadvantage.

After the victory, the Szombatheians moved up to 11th place, while the Kishpeshtians remained tenth in the table.

Budapest Honvéd-Szombathely Haladas 1:2 (0:0)

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