Navigo pass for iPhone, price increase, new trains… what’s new in Île-de-France transport?

As you might expect, most of these projects have been in development for many years, while others should be ready for the Olympics. Look out for new features coming in the coming months.

The beginning of the new academic year promises to be full of public transport in Ile-de-France. A few months before the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the region, Valerie Pécresse, head of Ile-de-France Mobility (IDFM), wants to be there. In this context, “the transport revolution will continue this year“, launches on X (ex-Twitter) the president of the region, who refers to the arrival of new trains, the opening of new lines or the generalization of stops on demand. An update on major new features coming in the coming months.

Navigo pass available on iPhone

The long-awaited fact of being able to validate transport tickets directly thanks to the iPhone will become a reality at the beginning of 2024. Because if it is possible to pay for a ticket or directly with an Android smartphone, it is still possible. not possible with Apple brand model. “We are working on the technical aspects, but it will be possible at the beginning of 2024 Laurent Probst, managing director of IDFM, promised at the end of July, congratulating himself in advance on what will be “first in Europe“. “We will be the first city in Europe and the largest network in the world to be featured on the tab wallet,” he says.

A novelty that goes hand in hand with the abolition of cardboard subway tickets. Started in mid-October 2021, with the cessation of the sale of t+ ticket books in cardboard in the vending machines of the first 102 RATP stations, the cessation of the sale of t+ ticket books continues. From September 21, it will no longer be possible to buy cardboard ticket books at all 265 stations and stations of the network. Thanks to the development of the IDF Mobilités app and the launch of the Navigo Easy and Navigo Liberté+ passes, only 29% of t+ tickets were still sold in magnetic booklets.

New renovation or new trains

Less than a year before the Olympic Games in the capital, the modernization of the Ile-de-France public transport trains continues. The program includes: the arrival of completely renovated MF77 trains on the 8th route, the arrival of MP14 trains on the 4th and 11th lines to replace the old MP59 trains, the arrival of MP89 on the 6th route to replace the MP73 trains to be reformed. . Finally, on line 14, the introduction of completely new subways continues with the introduction of the new MP14 eight-car automatic trains.

Demand stop is common in Paris

The on-demand stop has already been implemented on 70 bus lines in the outer suburbs, and in the process of extending to all nine new government service delegations deployed in the area from 2021, the on-demand stop will be extended in the evening and at night, from 22:00. , on all RATP buses in Paris and suburbs from 1 September. The normal course of things, according to IDFM, which ensures that this service is “offers the opportunity to anyone who wishes to get off between two bus stops in order to get closer to their destination.” – was “big successin a big crown.

Not a matter of stopping anywhere:the requested stop must be on the line’s route“, – we specify in IDFM, reminding that “the driver will determine the exact point of descent (…) closer to your destination“, provided that stop “well lit, with good visibility and walking path near“. In fact, now all drivers are trained in this procedure, which can only be performed in the front of the car. On this occasion, IDFM intends to do “specific communication on buses» with a section on safety.

Extended or multiple rows created

In addition, several line extensions are planned in the coming months. These include line 11 to Rosny-Bois-Perrier (Saint-Saint-Denis) with six new stations, line 14 to Saint-Denis-Pleyel, the future hub of the Grand Paris Express, also located in Seine-Saint-Denis. Denis. From the RER side, we also expect the extension of the RER – a project called “aeolus– between Saint-Lazare and Nanterre (Upper Seine). In addition to the new T10 tram between Clamart and Antony, which entered service at the beginning of June, a new tram line is due to arrive at the end of 2023: the T12 tram between Massy and Evry in Essonne. Finally, work continues on the extension of the T3b line between Porte d’Asnieres and Porte Dauphine in the west of Paris.

Price increase is under consideration

So many new features to justify the price increase that have to be voted on by the Administrative Council of Ile-de-France Mobility (IDFM) in December. The price of a monthly Navigo pass, which has already risen from €75.20 to €84.10 on January 1, 2023, could rise again, likely following an inflationary pattern. Authorities say IDFM’s coffers, hit hard by falling revenues and rising operating costs, should be bailed out. But the idea is tolimit as much as possiblethis hike.

Good news, however, for civil servants, as managementemployer» Their subscription to transportation from home to work will increase from 50% to 75% from the start of the school year. The corresponding resolution was signed on August 21.

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