National rain today and tomorrow… Beware of heavy rain everywhere (weather on the way to work)


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Be careful, it’s raining heavily today.

Currently, the rain clouds continue to approach from the west and it is raining all over the central region, Honam and Gyeongnam.

It is raining quite heavily in Jeonnam and Gyeongnam at a rate of around 10mm per hour, but heavy rain is expected in most areas today at a rate of around 30mm per hour.

There will be very heavy rain in places tomorrow, mainly in the eastern regions of Honam and Yeongnam.

Precipitation expected by tomorrow is 30-120mm in the southern region, 150mm or more in East Jeonnam and West Gyeongnam, 20-80mm in the central region, and up to 100mm or more in North Gyeonggi and North Yeongseo, Gangwon-do.

Today, strong winds will blow in the coastal areas and mountains of Gangwon-do.

The current temperature is 25 degrees in Seoul and 26.8 degrees in Busan, which is 1-4 degrees higher than yesterday.

Daytime temperatures will be 26 degrees in Seoul, 29 degrees in Daejeon and Daegu, and 30 degrees in Gwangju, which is the same as yesterday or slightly higher.

Sea waves will be about 3 m high in the far sea of ​​the East and West Seas.

Over the East Sea there will be places with dense fog.

The day after tomorrow it will rain mainly in Chuncheon and the southern regions.

On Sunday it will rain all over the country again.

Weather information was provided.

Choi Hyun Mi Weather/Graphics Announcer: Shin Hwa Jeong

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