NASA: Apophis asteroid would impact planet Earth in 2029

The POT Currently, an analysis of priority order is being carried out, whose focus is to elucidate the possible asteroid impact 152 meters long against the planet Earthin the year 2029. The experts seek to foresee the consequences that would arise in the future, due to the ignorance of its interior composition.

The rocky body called “Apophis” could fall on the globe within 7 years, according to the monitoring carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. What is the specific date that it would hit the earth’s surface?

According to the detailed study that is being prepared as the astronomical phenomenon progresses, the celestial body will touch the orbit where the large communications satellites are located on April 13th , 36 thousand kilometers high. Provisional calculations warn of the risk of collision of the asteroid with the territory that human beings inhabit in a short time.

The “Christmas Asteroid” approaches Earth: it measures 140 meters and can be seen in some countries

Asteroid Apophis 20221230
Apophis asteroid heading towards planet Earth

What is the method used by NASA to monitor the movements of the asteroid “Apophis”?

The POT monitors the movements of the asteroid “Apophis” by using high frequency radio waves. mechanism that allows specialists the possibility of being able to conclude precise data on the mass by which it is composed and the specific weight of the object of study.

NASA detected the largest and potentially dangerous “planet killer” asteroid in the last 8 years

“The approach of Apophis in 2029 it will be an incredible opportunity for science. We will observe the asteroid with optical and radar telescopes. Therefore, it is expected that with the observations we will be able to see details of the surface that is a few meters long,” reported the radar scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the POTMarina Brozovi

According to the press release related to the exploration, it is expected that in a short period of time specific data on the matter of which it is made up can be known, as well as the detection of those areas that would be more interesting, in the case of planning a hypothetical nuclear bombing.

Asteroid Apophis 20221230
Asteroid “Apohis”

The European Space Agency spotted 30,000 near-Earth asteroids

The space component also scientifically classified as 2010 XC15 set off the alarms since, if it could not be avoided, it would generate a force equivalent to more than 1,000 megatons of dynamite, or if it is put in colloquial terms to understand the massive dimension of damage that it would imply, its power is similar to the capacity of destruction caused by hundreds of nuclear weapons.

The research project on said rock unit began 18 years ago in 2004when it was sighted for the first time and, after a few months of careful observation, it was concluded that the percentage of danger if they fail to destroy it is currently 2.7%, which means the highest number of contingencies for an event of this type. .


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