Nariko, the lost daughter of Kratos who returns home for Christmas

There is a disease, fortunately temporary and harmless, known as the fever of the new console. Its symptoms are easy to recognize. Those affected have recently changed platforms and refuse to play any other. It doesn’t matter if the newcomer’s catalog is a a wasteland like the one on PS3where instead of an oasis we had a couple of nice cacti (Resistance and MotorStorm) accompanied by dozens of stones (ports chusteros of third party titles). The patient insists on turning on only and exclusively his brand new acquisition, if only to browse the menu. They are few the known remediesbut in its day, God of War 2 was one of the most effective.

Santa Monica released the sequel to that Mycenaean ball of his on April 27, 2007, just a month or so after the launch of PlayStation 3. Europe had already succumbed to the fever of the new console by then. Neither the 600 euros starting they prevented us from falling into the temptation of Sony. The old continent succumbed to it even faster than it fell to the chimeras in Resistance’s opening cinematic. Kratos was the only person able to make us take our claws off our Fat. This not only shows the importance of the God of War, but also the question we all asked ourselves: why did the Ghost of Sparta keep chained to playstation 2? When could we play something like that, but with the unleashed power of the Cell chip? Which was the alternative in the PS3 catalog?

that’s how he was born Heavenly Sword.

It’s not the most epic birth in the world, but hey, in Greek mythology any god would drop a drop of semen on the ground and a king of Athens would be born. There are worse. The point is that the game was conceived with that idea in mind, to replicate the exploits of Kratos on PlayStation 3 and with a new protagonist. Work fallow both sagas.

The similarities between them are obvious. If soccer is eleven guys running after a ball, this is two hack and slash starring a character who makes his way with swords with two bladed weapons tied to his arms by chains. The quick time event were the order of the day, their unforgettable dubbing jobs they carried the narrative, the setting and the Boss Pantheon were the key to both and the Red color pervaded every scene. Kratos’s scar, the red orbs of experience and the fires of Athens were reflected in Nariko’s hair, the aura of her strong attacks and those dusty sunsets before which she fought.

Heavenly Sword

They say that don’t look at the teeth of a gift horse, but the orthodontics of both had been funded by sony. It is the most important resemblance, the resemblance that explains the others. Because yes, long before Ninja Theory was acquired by Microsoft, the studio was saved from bankruptcy Thanks to the Japanese company, who financed the project and promoted it as if his life depended on it. Nariko stomped on E3 2006 and 2007 and tried (unsuccessfully) to make it to the PlayStation 3 launch to become a the flagship of its catalog of departure.

What a trip, huh? From being the great sonyer hope to being part of the Xbox family. In his day what we expected was a Heavenly Sword 2, which was in development and was cancelled. According to various documents leaked in 2012, he was going to start with Nariko escaping from the underworld in its first bars. Does it sound like another sequel that starts the same? What about Zeus and someone’s belly button piercing? More alike? Well, be careful because if we expected that at the time, today we remain in check for Hellblade 2, whose protagonist is still a version of little Kaithe other playable character from Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword

The similarities between Senua and Kai show that the 2007 Ninja Theory and the 2022 Ninja Theory share traits and have much in common. Thanks to this it is easy to explain Heavenly Sword’s strengths and weaknesses. They are the same as the rest of the studio’s game. As with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Hellblade, Nariko’s adventure was an artistic display, but insultingly simple at the controls. The only exception on the studio’s resume is DmC: Devil May Cry, where just the opposite was true. Uglier than hitting a father and satisfying as few in the playable. We still wonder if it wasn’t a mistake and Ninja Theory forgot to switch accounts before sending the tweet. She forgot to log in with his main one, Ninja Theory. both are like the ying and the yang. If they merge we would have the perfect shinobi.

Heavenly Sword had his stuff. Barely it lasted about five hoursit was a bit heavy with the system fixed camerassuffered a palpable lip desynchronization and he committed some hard-to-forgive sins. The first was his idolatry with the Sixaxis, that control unable to make the vibration compatible with the gyroscope. The game served as a technical showcase for the new console and the phases in which we handled a date or projectile with the motion sensor kept repeating themselves. At first they were curious and spectacular, but the resource became a ball after the second and it ended up being insufferable.

His second big mistake was parry’s crucifixion. There was no guard button and Nariko automatically blocked. Today, in the middle of the souls era, would be even more criticized what then. This was in addition to the lack of a jump button, as inexplicable as in Esnlaved, and various combos that required you to wave the controller around like one possessed. add to it excessive QTEs and as a result you will have some showy fights, but the most basic. It never finished evolving or offering a satisfactory answer.

Heavenly Sword

All in all, Heavenly Sword also had wonderful thingsLike that memorable villain of yours, King Bohan, played by Andry Serkis (Gollum, Planet of the Apes). It was one of the first games to do a triple capture with its actors (facial gestures, voice and movement). We will always think of him as one of the first “wow” of PS3. She entered through the eyes and on a graphic level had no rivals.

The design of his world was also unmatched, with daunting final bosses. There were Whiptail, the lizard woman; Roaxh, the fat prince who rolled on her breastplate; or Flying Fox, an aerial version surrounded by knives of the vizier of Prince of Persia. How can you not remember that last mission in the open field, between catapults and hundreds of enemies? It seemed the battle at the gates of Helm. It was cinematic right down to our main weapon, the Heavenly Sword, with its own lore and three fighting stances (speed, strength, and distance). Heavenly Sword brimmed love for fantasy and adventure stories.

Heavenly Sword

These days the game has been listed as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog and we have not been able to resist traveling to the past. Now that so much is said about Atreus, Kratos and God of War Ragnarok, it has been impossible for us not to fondly remember the other daughter of Kratosthe one who was born with the intention of succeeding him.

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