Narbonne: Timikmak, the second-hand trend is born in Narbonne

Timicmac opened a store in Narbonne on Monday 28 August. The second-hand brand offers all kinds of clothes, objects and other knick-knacks. The permanent garage sale is located on Champ de Mars Avenue.

Timicmac brand was created in 2019. A 6e The store has just opened this Monday, August 28, on Avenue Champ de Mars in Narbonne. The idea is simple: these are constant garage sales. Vendors rent shelves, cabinets, and display their business indoors. Rentals are weekly and they can repeat the experience or book multiple weeks at once. You can deposit any clothes, items and trinkets, board games, books or even small furniture.

The creation of the Timicmac brand comes at the right time.

There were many customers who were present in the store in search of a rare pearl on the second day of the store’s opening. Some, like Simone, have discovered the concept of the second hand. “I came to see how things are, because I’m not used to buying second-hand”. Others, more experienced in this area, came looking for very specific things. “I buy a lot of used clothes, do a lot of garage sales and generally take a lot of clothes.”explains Marie-Pierre.

What attracts people to second hand is mainly attractive prices, and Caroline confirms this. “We come to such stores for good prices. And what is also good is that the quality of the product can be seen on the spot, as you can touch objects, clothes.. Young Timeo explains: “If I find something I like, I’ll take it”. The concept of a permanent garage sale seems to appeal to all generations.

The stands are already almost full, and the next orders can be made only in October. Natalie, the store manager, notes that “Most of the sellers and buyers told us that it was time for the brand to show up in Narbonne.” The second hand is a trend welcomed by the public today. “I don’t think there are enough stores like this” Michel says. This trend is just waiting to be developed.

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