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Nanhu New Area, Yueyang City, Qiusuo Street, Hupan Community Reminiscing about the past and recounting the wonderful life of the present, the famous Xiangzhou metropolitan community celebrates the “August 1st” symposium.

Horses of gold and iron travel thousands of miles, soldiers shine on the battlefields, Retired soldiers are not only the precious wealth of the party and the country, but also a necessary and important force in social construction. To celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army of China, on the morning of July 29, the party branch of Xiangzhou Mingdu Community in Hupan Community invited the Qiusuo Street Veterans Affairs Branch and Hupan Community to participate in the “August 1” Symposium. is carried out by the party branch of the community. Congratulations on the coming of the Army Day “August 1”.

At the symposium, the secretary of the party cell of the community, Tan Dihua, first congratulated and blessed the veterans present at the meeting, and then reported to everyone about the work and problems of the party cell of the community in the first half of the year. year and the next work plan. I would like to express my gratitude to the soldiers for their excellent traditions and their outstanding contribution to social development and the construction of society with their original mission.

(Pictured: Tang Dihua, party secretary of the Xiangzhou Mingdu Community, spoke at the meeting)

After listening to the report of Secretary Tan, a heated discussion took place among the veterans who participated in the meeting, everyone spoke freely, the veterans spoke about the glorious history of the troops in which they served, and about all the unforgettable impressions experienced in the troops. At the same time, everyone stated that they should continue to support and collaborate on various tasks in the community depending on their work, as well as provide advice and suggestions to build the community.

(Pictured: In the office of the committee of owners of the famous city of Xiangzhou, there was a heated discussion about the coming of the Army Day “August 1”

Thanks to this event, a good communication platform for veterans was created, which further reduced the distance between the party branch of the community and veterans, strengthened the feelings of each and enriched each other’s lives. In the next phase, the general party branch of the lakeside community will take “party building +” as a guideline, and will always adhere to the glorious tradition of supporting the army and giving priority to the family, so that retired soldiers in the jurisdiction will have a sense of belonging, honor and benefit. Retirement will not disappear, and the retired soldiers said that they will continue to promote the wonderful traditions and style of the army in the future, make full use of their advantages in building and developing the community, and contribute to building the community together.

(First Trial: Xiong Boyu Second Trial: Deng Wangjun Third Trial: Shi Wei)

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