“My Great Love”, Edén Muñoz Celebrates the Life of His Wife to the Old

With a letter full of loving words and on behalf of his two children, Emiliano and Matías the singer-songwriter, Edén Muñoz surprises his wife, Paloma Llanes on her birthday

The leader and vocalist of Caliber 50, Edén Muñoz shared with all his followers an important moment for his life and that of his wife, Paloma Llanes, today’s birthday girl and the one he celebrates with a lot of love.

The singer-songwriter from Sinaloa revealed the great love he feels for his wife and mother of his two children, Emiliano and Matías, so he dedicated a detail to the old woman that surely made her fall in love with her.

Let us remember that Edén Muñoz married the former beauty queen, Paloma Llanes, who has dedicated herself body and soul to supporting, caring for, and protecting the great family they have formed, because alongside her two little ones they have found the perfect way to combine as a couple.

Edén Muñoz did not let this day go unnoticed and decided to share it with everyone through his official Instagram account, where he read in front of everyone a letter he wrote to his beloved.    

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There is no doubt that the inspiration of Edén Muñoz is quite great and in the writing, he clarified that many of his songs are dedicated to his wife and others thinking about her, so his loyal fans quickly reacted and cheered the moment.

Some celebrities also shared the pleasure that the singer flatters his wife with words written in his own handwriting, hence they sent him a long list of comments, among which the congratulations and affection towards the famous couple stand out.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago the couple suffered anguish after placing their little son Matias in intensive care for respiratory problems, surely this moment united them more as a couple since it is perceived that both live for their little ones.  

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