Mulberry’s classic collection of men’s Clipper bags is presented in new and simple designs.

This summer, Mulberry’s classic men’s Clipper range has been updated with three new pieces, the Heritage Clipper Messenger Bag, Heritage Clipper Large Bag and Heritage Clipper Casual Bag.

Inspired by Mulberry’s hometown of Somerset, England, the Clipper range of men’s bags was born in the 1990s and is meant to pay homage to landscapes and outdoor lifestyles. The collection was launched as a classic travel bag and remains a Mulberry icon to this day.

The Clipper series has always been characterized by a practical and discreet design and has become an ideal choice for men’s everyday bags. From innovative, sustainable tartan-patterned fabrics to sophisticated carbon-neutral leathers and lightweight recycled nylon fabrics, the Clipper collection of men’s handbags uses a wide range of materials that not only interpret a British aesthetic that spans the ages, but also live up to the brand’s promise of sustainable innovation. .

The three new products in the Clipper series inherit the genes of Mulberry travel bags, combine a comfortable and casual aesthetic, incorporate the adventurous spirit and design elements of the original bag, retain the classic flat calfskin finish and luggage tags, and enhance the details. adapt to the demands of modern day life. Like other bags in the collection, these three new models will become an integral part of the classic men’s wardrobe.

Combining the timeless aesthetic of the Clipper line with a sleek, modern design, the Heritage Clipper Shoulder Bag is a statement piece that’s ready to go to work and easily complements your everyday look. The Heritage Clipper Tote maintains classic style with a functional interior that easily fits your laptop. The Heritage Clipper casual bag takes inspiration from the design of the classic Mulberry Clipper bag. The proportions of the bag are slightly reduced to suit a variety of everyday occasions, be it the office, the gym or a short trip.

Mulberry simultaneously released a new blockbuster for the collection, a love letter to lush British nature. Four British celebrities, including photographer Will Waterworth, filmmaker Joel Kerr, designer Edie Ashley and artist Jack Appleyard, led by Maya the Whippet, traveled through time and space, following in the footsteps of British National Treasure artist J.M.W. Turner, and visited an inspiring Turner’s journey. , along with the picturesque countryside of Yorkshire, enjoy the beautiful idyllic landscapes and vividly interpret the new bags from the Clipper series of men’s bags.

True to Mulberry’s motto “Made to Last”, all three pieces are made from sustainable Scottish fabric. It is a lightweight biosynthetic material made from inedible grain waste. Mulberry will upgrade and use this eco-friendly fabric in 2021, replacing the original classic Scottish grain fabric throughout the brand. All leather trim and luggage tags in the Clipper collection are made from eco-certified carbon-neutral leather, a sustainable fabric that has been used in all Mulberry products since October 2022. In addition, all cotton fabrics used in the collection can be returned.

Brand new models of the classic Mulberry Clipper series of men’s bags are now available at major Mulberry boutiques and the official Tmall flagship store (Mulberry official website, welcome to buy.

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