‘MTV Payments’ Warning to Citizens: Wait for September 6th

‘MTV Payments’ Warning to Citizens: Wait for September 6th

Basarir gave examples of expenses incurred and said:

“How will families send their children to school in a country where the minimum wage is 11,400 lira? A child who goes to school has at least 2,000 lira for stationery and 3,000 lira for clothes. Parents have come to the point of searching for used clothes, notebooks and books online. School bus fee 10- From 15 thousand lire. Although ministers of national education deny this, donations received from parents start at 10,000 lire to 120,000 lire. There are big problems in education, but there is also a government that acts irresponsibly towards these problems.

Turkey has 15 million students, but the budget of the Ministry of National Education is 435 billion liras. Schools have a wide variety of needs, from safety to cleanliness. 4,500 lira is sent to a school with a population of 1,000, that is, 4.5 lira is sent per student. You can’t even buy water or a donut with this money. The Ministry publishes very good videos about cleaning and feeding our students. They feed this country’s 15 million students online. You publish them, but send 4.5 lira to schools for each student. Our school year starts with these problems.”


Referring to the Central Bank’s interest rate decision, Çagryr said: “If our children cannot find a hostel today, if civil servants and workers cannot live on their wages for 10 days, if civil servants have to flee from metropolitan areas asking for an appointment, The reason for this is the wrong economic policy pursued by the government. Due to the stubbornness of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, millions of our citizens have suffered,” he said.


Recalling that the deadline for paying the first installment of the additional transport tax (DTV) has been extended until September 6, Basarir called on citizens to act in accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Basarir said: “If the Constitutional Court cancels this unfair tax, the decision will not return to this date. Our citizens who have paid extra to MTV will not be able to get their money back. However, if the Constitutional Court cancels this, the Ministry of Finance must return these funds to their beneficiaries. Therefore, our citizens must wait until September 6, while he said.

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