MSM dominate among HIV/AIDS patients in Batam, Health Department expands preventive work in schools

Illustration.  HIV AIDS
Illustration. HIV/AIDS (

batampos – The prevalence of people living with HIV/AIDS has changed. “Men as men” (MSM) is a trend towards an increase in the number of people with HIV/AIDS. The age vulnerability of those who fall into the category of MSM is relatively young and productive, namely about 20 years old.

The head of the Batam City Health Service (Dinkes), Didi Kusmarjadi, said the government is paying more attention to preventive measures and the treatment of patients exposed to this deadly virus.

“For MSM, it’s more about lifestyle and the sociocultural impact on communication. We do not know the details of why this trend among MSM emerged and dominated in HIV cases. I think this happens in almost all regions, so it’s not just Batam,” he explained on Monday (August 28).

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Didi explained that the MSM phenomenon was of concern to the Batam Health Authority. His party regularly conducts awareness-raising work on HIV/AIDS, explaining the causes, risks and dangers of this infectious disease.

“The general group of people exposed to this virus is prone to the disease between the ages of 20 and 50. Therefore, we teach as early as possible, even starting from high school, now we are concentrating on socialization. Because of this trend, there are many cases among MSM,” he explained.

He continued: The Health Authority has provided information about the dangers of this virus. So those who are preparing to enter a productive age should understand this. So that they can protect themselves from being infected with this virus.

“Prevention is better to start as early as possible. One is the coverage of high school students with this equivalent,” he said.

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In addition, the Health Authority also regularly takes samples from several high-risk locations. For example, entertainment facilities in Batam. His party coordinated with NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS to take samples.

“We are targeting high-risk groups. This is also a data collection phase that is carried out to prevent proliferation. In addition, we advise those who have been exposed to seek treatment. If you have been exposed to HIV, we will try to treat and control this virus so that it does not turn into AIDS,” Didi explained.

The Health Authority is tasked with providing protection through maximum treatment for those who have been exposed to the HIV/AIDS virus. “The drug slows down the development of the virus, so HIV does not turn into AIDS,” he added.

According to the Riau Provincial Health Authority, the cumulative number of HIV/AIDS cases in Batam is 9,550, with the latest positive confirmation reaching 245 in 2023.


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