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We don’t know how you spent the end of the year, but we are sure how you want to start this 2023: With good movies! Staying at home is the best plan for the day after staying up late celebrating the grapes, And if it’s with a movie to watch with a blanket and popcorn, even more.

In LOS40 We want you to start this new year as you prefer, although always betting on good titles that make you laugh, be scared or cry, although always having fun! For this reason, we have selected some titles for you to consider watching at the beginning of the year… And if you want more than one, I’m sure you can also enjoy it over the next few weeks.

We have everything from the most familiar to the romantic cinema, including movies that you can watch on your own. There is no excuse, so keep reading and feel free to open your streaming platform and search for any of these titles. We are sure that you will enjoy them from start to finish:


Attention, children and not so children! Every villain has its origin, and in that of the ruthless Cruella de Vil it goes back to before what happened in 101 Dalmatians. Played by a fantastic Emma Stone, this version of a young Cruella has action, mystery, laughs and, of course, some other lovely dog. Ideal to see with family.

You can see it in… Disney+

Barcelona, ​​winter night

Ok, we are not in December anymore, but Christmas is still breathing wherever you go. This movie has everything a Christmas movie should have, especially considering that it’s quite a love actually in Barcelona. Love, emotion and a lot of comedy are concentrated in this title of Daniel of the Order. Warning: it is likely that you will shed a tear watching it.

You can see it in… Netflix


Start the year with some scare than another? Barbarian is one of those somewhat unclassifiable films, and in fact, the experience of watching it improves if you don’t know what happens in it. The little you need to know is that it starts with a girl who has recently arrived in a flat that she has rented for one night in which she finds another tenant. What happens next, you will have to find out yourself. Yes indeed, expect some jumping on the couch.

You can see it in… Disney+

tomorrow is today

Nostalgia? Travel to the past? Tomorrow is today is a hilarious comedy with a cast headed by Carmen Machi and Javier Gutiérrez; and tells the story of a family that is spending the summer of 1991 peacefully and is transported to 2022. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

You can see it in… Prime Video

Strange world

If you want to have a good time with your family, look no further: the big Disney premiere this Christmas is at your fingertips on the remote control. From creators of Frozen Y Charm, Strange world focuses on the history of the Clade clan. They are explorers, although a twist of fate leaves them in a totally new territory for them. Undoubtedly, The best option to have fun with the little ones in the house.

You can see it in… Disney+

The lost City

channing tatum Y Sandra Bullock lost in the jungle with Brad Pitt as helper and Daniel Radcliffe as villain. The insanity of the plot hardly does justice to the madness that goes on scene by scene, but it’s definitely worth it – it’s the perfect opportunity to have a few laughs.

You can see it in… Prime Video

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