Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas

Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas

These dates are ideal to see a film production. Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas

The Christmas Eve and Christmas are two well-marked days on our calendar, especially to spend time with the family and also watch movies with this scent. In mostolesas well as in the rest of the cities, many can be enjoyed on the many platforms media we own.

Last Christmas (Amazon Prime Video, 2019)

With Paul Feig directing and Bryony Kimmings, Emma Thomson, George Michael as Screenwriters, Last Christmas premiered in 2019 to strangely bad reviews from industry professionals, albeit unfair. This film, a fairly canonical romantic comedy, fills Christmas with love to give us very beautiful moments thanks to Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.

Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas
Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas

The synopsis is as follows: Kate is a young woman who tends to always make the wrong decision.. His latest mistake? Taking a job as Santa’s elf at a shopping mall. However, her destiny leads her to meet Tom, a circumstance that completely changes her life. For Kate, it’s all too good to be true..

The Holiday (Netflix, 2006)

This movie has to Nancy Meyers both in the direction and in the development of the scriptand not only that, since the music is by the legendary Hans Zimmer, a classic. Secondly, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black They form an excellent cast, and they will show us an incisive humor together with a remarkable written development, as well as a Elegant realization of Christmas and its spirit.

Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas
The Holiday has an exquisite cast to show us a great story

Regarding the synopsis: Amanda Woods, an American girl who owns a prosperous advertising agency Specializing in movie trailers, she lives in Southern California and just broke up with her boyfriend. For her part, Iris Simpkins, writer for the popular wedding column for the London Daily Telegraph, lives in a charming country house in England and her relationships with men are not easy either. Through the internet they reach an agreement to exchange their respective homes during Christmas.

Home Alone (Disney+, 1990)

One of the classics cannot be missing, and that is that “Home alone” from Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and company is practically obligatory to watch. Released in 1990, it is practically a film that the entire community agrees is one of the best of its kind without a doubt, a complete success.

Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas
This classic cannot be missing in a great event like this

The synopsis is as follows: Kevin McAllister is an eight-year-old boy, a member of a large family, who is accidentally left behind in his when the whole family leaves to spend the holidays in France. Kevin learns to fend for himself and even protect himself from Harry and Marv, two scoundrels who set out to break into every locked house in his neighborhood. As soon as his mother misses him, she rushes back to Chicago to get her son back..

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney+, 1993)

Tim Burton does not fail in this very special appointmentand as one of the masters when it comes to animation, “Nightmare Before Christmas” is another of the classics. Combining various genres, from fantasy to horror, this comedy shows us a vision of the Christmas different, with its mistakes and also successes.

Movies to see in Móstoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas
Tim Burton is one of the geniuses of cinema and he shows it in this movie

Regarding the synopsis: When Jack Skellington, Lord of Halloween, discovers Christmas, is fascinated and decides to improve it. However, his vision of the holiday is completely contrary to the christmas spirit. His plans include kidnapping Santa Claus and introducing some rather macabre changes. Only his girlfriend Sally is aware of the mistake he is making..

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