Mother’s case About Aldila Celita’s decision to make peace with Indra Bekti


The mother of Aldila Dzhelita apparently did not like her son’s decision to make peace with Indra Bekti. In fact, Maryam Abruddahman was against the return of Aldila to her ex-husband.

News spread last week that Aldila Celita and Indra Bekti had reconciled. Invitations were even sent out for their second wedding. Then the names of Aldil Celita and Indra Bekti were also recorded in Kebayoran Baru KUA.

But in the midst of this supposedly happy news, Maryam Abruddaman showed a cold demeanor. He said that Indra Bekti made a mistake that he could not forgive, so he did not want to give blessings for reconciliation with Dila.

“The mistake that Bekti made is unforgivable to me,” said Marjam Abdurrahman, quoted by Insertlive on Monday (August 28, 2023).

Maryam Abruddaman did not want to reveal what the mistake was. She did not want to harm her grandchildren, children from the marriage of Aldila Celita and Indra Bekti.

Aldila’s mother said that Bekti was the person she hated the most. This was the result of a big mistake made by Indra Bekti in 2016.

“I can’t reveal Bekti’s mistakes yet because I’m still looking at my grandson. I hate this person (Bekti) the most, imagine what he did to my child,” she said in a trembling voice.

Not only Marjam Abdurrahman later refused to accept Indra Bekti again. But the other families of Aldila said the same.

Aldila’s younger brothers and sisters did not want to take Bekti back. The reason is the same, a big mistake made in 2016.

“What mistake did Dila make that Dila’s younger siblings didn’t accept Bekti? At first I wanted to open it, but because I was still looking at Daphne and Abel. What happened in 2016, there was a big problem. Dila’s family was never happy “Because I lived with them for 13 years. Because Bekti made a mistake, Bekti was ready to be bullied, ready to be scolded. To let people know that my child Dila was rude, yes, because the man wanted to be bullied,” Aldila said. Jelita’s mother is full of emotions

Even in 2016, Aldila Celita wanted to escape from the life of Indra Bekti. However, Indra Bekti stood in his way and admitted all his mistakes.

He then mentioned the open disgrace of the mobile phone. This happened when Indra Bekti was recovering from an illness after a recent rupture of a blood vessel.

“In 2016, Aldila wanted to run away. Bekti swore by the name of Allah and the name of her child. She agreed to admit it and I was fine to continue (housekeeping). At the time of the incident (some time ago) a rupture of a blood vessel), Bekti went crazy, Dila said: “Mom, I can’t take it anymore.” I said, “Serve your husband, wait for him in the hospital,” he continued.

“Everyone in Indonesia, when he had the accident, you all prayed for Bekti, and I also prayed at that time for Bekti to recover and return to normal. But in normal times, the disgrace was opened, from a mobile phone. Take an example from 2016, what happened? Still going on. 2016 Fatal and it’s still going on. Now there was a time when he wanted to die and come back to life. And I just thank God that my prayers were answered,” Aldila Celita’s mother said.


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