Mother and son are killed in the middle of an incident of gender violence in Caguas

A 43-year-old woman and her youngest son, 17, were murdered last night in the midst of an incident of gender-based violence that occurred inside a residence located on Highway 793 in the San Antonio neighborhood, Salchichón sector, in Caguas.

The director of the Police Criminal Investigation Corps in that region, Carlos Alice Contrerasdetailed to The new day that the incident occurred at about 10:32 pm, when a call alerted the 9-1-1 Emergency System of several detonations in the place.

Once on the scene, the agents found the lifeless bodies of both victims with bullet wounds. At the moment, the Police are trying to contact relatives so that they can go to the Institute of Forensic Sciences to identify the bodies.

This newspaper knows the identifications of both victims, but will not report their names until relatives become aware of the facts.

“One of the neighbors saw a person leave (after the events). He was a person who cohabited in the residence with this lady for less than a year. So far, we are investigating it as gender-based violence.”Said the captain about who is listed as the main suspect.

Alicea Contreras explained that it is the sentimental partner of the woman who had a license to carry weapons and that in 2008 she faced a case under Law 54 (Domestic Violence) with another victim.

The officer identified the suspect as Billy Rosario Trinidad45, who also had a target shooting permit, but it was revoked.

“They gave us a distinction for a vehicle and we located it in the Sonadora neighborhood of Guaynabo. We are looking for him right now.”said the captain.

Billy Rosario Trinidad, 45, suspected of having murdered a mother and her son in Caguas.
Billy Rosario Trinidad, 45, suspected of having murdered a mother and her son in Caguas. (Supplied)

Rosario Trinidad, according to the profile of the citizen registered with the Police, has four firearms “legally in possession”, three are pistols and one is a rifle.

The man was described as black, 6 feet 0 inches tall and weighing 210 pounds.

Questioned about how the double murder occurred, the officer explained that these are details that are still under investigation, but that local residents indicated that they heard several discussions moments before the shots were detonated.

According to police figures, with this crime there are already 23 women murdered so far this year, one of them is a minor. Of the total number of women murdered, seven cases were investigated as incidents of gender-based violencealthough the figure could increase to eight by adding this one in Caguas.

In contrast, last year there were 13 violent deaths of women, one of them a minor. Of these, six were due to gender violence.

While, 277 murders have been reported so far this yearwhich translates to three fewer cases than those reported for the same date a year ago.

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Both the Police and the Office of the Women’s Ombudsman have tools to attend, confidentially, any indication or complaint about a pattern of abuse, mistreatment or situation due to gender violence. If you are or know a person who goes through a similar pattern, you can contact the Police at (787) 792-6734 or (787) 343-2020, as well as the Office of the Women’s Ombudsman at (787) 722-2977 .

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