Most demanded aesthetic operations

Autumn is accompanied by falling leaves, rainy days and those characteristic blanket and peli weekends.

You may like both autumn and winter more or less, but did you know that it is the best time to perform cosmetic surgery?

If you have been thinking about going under the knife for some time, this is the best time to achieve an easy and quick recovery.

From the Martín del Yerro clinic they emphasize that the most demanded surgeries can be divided into two groups: breast surgeries and liposuction

The cold can also become an ally, since helps moderate the inflammatory process and the low incidence of sunlight facilitate healing and reduce the risk of spots.


from the clinic Martin del Yerro highlight that the most demanded surgeries can be divided into two groups: breast surgeries and liposuction.

Regarding breast surgeries we find the augmentation mammoplastyan intervention that increases the volume and improves the shape and appearance of the breast, harmonizing the proportions and balance of its figure, and reduction mammoplasty, with which it is possible to reduce the size of the breasts by eliminating fat, breast tissue and skin.

The tuberous breast is another of the most demanded operations, with it it is possible to eliminate its conical shape, changing it for a more rounded shape, giving volume to the chest in the missing areas.

Finally, within breast surgeries, breast surgery is included for the second time, the most frequent being the extraction of implants and their replacement.

Among the most notable bodily interventions is the liposuction. With it, accumulations of localized fat are permanently eliminated, reshaping the figure and leaving no scars.

Facial surgeries also have their place, the three most in demand are rhinoplasty, facelift and blepharoplasty.

Because you are the most important…

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