More than 175 items that belonged to Marilyn Monroe will go up for auction

More than 175 personal items from the Hollywood star marilyn monroe They will be up for auction on December 17 and 18.

The pawnshop Julien’s Auctions and the television channel TMC organize the Icons & Idols Hollywood event during which they will offer the public the opportunity, both in person and online, to acquire the possessions of the American actress and singer.

Although some of her belongings, such as her dresses, could reach a value of $80,000, one of the most anticipated is without a doubt an undated greeting card written by hand by Charles Stanley Gifford, who recently demonstrated through a DNA proof that he is Monroe’s father.

According to the Julien’s Auctions press release, “this card is the only known material artifact that establishes any connection or communication between Gifford and his famous daughter,” hence the meaning attached to it.

Among Monroe’s items going up for auction will be a wool cocktail dress identical to the one she wore to a Milton Greene photo shoot in 1995, a sleeveless cotton sundress she wore for other photos with Arthur Miller in 1956, and another gray silk halter dress designed by Jax, one of her favorite designers.

In addition to Marilyn’s belongings at the auction, other objects linked to movies will be included, such as ET the alien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Star Warsone of the cameras used in the film titanicgarments used by Robert De Niro in one of his tapes, among others.

The name of Marilyn Monroe has been heard a lot during this 2022, especially after the premiere of Blondethe Andrew Dominic film starring Ana de Armas in the role of the Hollywood star.

During the previous preparation for the film and during the filming, the Cuban actress had to get very close to Marilyn’s life in order to capture the most significant details of her life, her gestures and even her accent, in which practiced for three hours a day For some months.

Ana de Armas and the team that worked on the tape visited Marilyn Monroe’s grave to ask your permission to film your story.

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