More scarcity! They warn limits on silicon wafers needed to make chips

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The console industry is likely to continue to struggle with a shortage of semiconductors, and systems like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are likely to be years away from peaking commercially by meeting high demand. Unfortunately, that seems very far away and it is that a new problem is seen on the horizon.

More scarcity, now in the silicon wafer sector

The scarcity of scarcity, it would not be wrong to refer to this topic in this way, since a new crisis is setting off alarms in the semiconductor manufacturing sector, since one of its main inputs, silicon wafers, is also facing limitations to meet with the demand. According to information from reporter Takashi Mochizuki of Bloombergthe company SUMCO, specialized in silicon wafers, announced that its production of 300 mm (inches) has exhausted its orders by 2026, while cylinders of 200 mm and 150 mm are about to reach their peak for the next few years .

The industry’s temporary fix on silicon is running out of steam

In case you don’t know, silicon wafers are the part in which microchips are manufactured, but the differences in their presentations not only have to do with size but also with density, so each one involves changes in the manufacturing processes. The detail is that before the pandemic, the silicon wafer sector was already facing difficulties due to shortages, which have worsened in recent years. In general, most industries worked with the 200mm and 150mm sizes, but the pandemic shortage caused a migration to 12-inch wafers and now the problem is in that size because there will not be, at least for part of SUMCO, way of manufacturing in them if it is not part of the confirmed clients for the next 4 years.

As can be expected, various industries will continue to be affected by the shortage of semiconductors which in turn faces the shortage of silicon wafers. Unfortunately, this will also affect the console sector, specifically the current generation ones that still do not reach their potential in the market.

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