More Next-Generation Features: Bank of China Xbox Series – 1TB Console (Matte Black) Now Available for Presale

The new version of Microsoft Xbox Series S for the National Bank – 1TB (matte black) console will be officially launched on September 1 at a suggested retail price of 2599 yuan, giving players more choice and ushering in a new generation of console gaming.Brand new Xbox The next generation host is now available for pre-sale, players canpassMicrosoft official storeMake an appointment to buy.

More space, more options

As an all-digital game console specially designed for the new generation of core gaming experiences, the Xbox Series S has been welcomed by gamers since its launch due to its excellent performance and high value, allowing everyone to enjoy the fun of a new game. creating fully digital games at a low cost.Andbrand new Xbox Series S – 1TB(Matte Black) will provide players with more choice and join the new generation of consoles.

Xbox Series S – 1TB (matte black) Inheriting the streamlined design of the Xbox Series S, it accepts the entire bodyMatte blackThe color scheme is more avant-garde, whether it is in the living room or bedroom, it can integrate naturally into the player’s home environment and lifestyle, allowing players to play games at any time. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is 1TB ( matte black) customization update 1TB NVMe SSD It also provides players with enough storage space so they can download and install their favorite games for as long as they want.

Exquisite and small body, play a new generation

Xbox Series S – 1TB (Matte Black) uses an innovative system-on-a-chip (SoC) with Xbox Fast architecture and a dedicated 1TB NVMe SSD. It has the same processing performance and identical I/O performance as the Xbox Series X. Frame rate support up to 120 FPS1to provide players with a silky and smooth next-generation gaming experience. At the same time, with innovative technologies such as hardware-accelerated DirectX ray tracing and variable rate shading (VRS), the host can immerse players in a more immersive and dynamic game world.

In addition, Xbox Series S – 1TB (Matte Black) also supports exclusivewake up quicklyThis feature allows players to quickly switch between multiple games and accurately restore the gameplay when they left it before, skip the long game loading time at startup, and truly enjoy the smooth gaming experience.

Play how you want, no need to wait

Since its launch, the new generation of Xbox consoles has strived to provide players with a higher level of gaming realism, speed and performance. Whether it’s a masterpiece from 23 Xbox game studios or the superb work of other world-renowned game development teams and publishers, it can bring the next generation of exclusive looks and experiences to players. The same goes for the new Xbox Series S – 1TB (matte black).

In addition, Xbox Series S-1TB (matte black) also supports backwards compatibility, which can span multiple generations, from new generation masterpieces to classic masterpieces, allowing players to play as much as they want and enjoy more stable frame rates, faster loading speed and more realistic graphics. At the same time, players can also sign up for Xbox Game Pass.2the library not only contains hundreds of games, but newly released works entered the library on the first day, allowing players to play games at a lower cost and discover their next favorite work.

If you’re ready to join the Xbox family, the all-new Xbox Series S – 1TB (matte black) is a choice worth considering, with an affordable price tag and plenty of storage, allowing you to play the next generation to your heart’s content. content. From now on, you can pre-order at Microsoft’s official mall for a suggested price of 2599 yuan.

  1. 120 fps requires appropriate content and display support. Available on Xbox Series X|S when content is available for download.
  2. An Xbox Game Pass membership must be purchased separately, and the service has yet to launch in mainland China.


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