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The delayed rollout of the new feature set for Windows 11 22H2 can seem confusing and annoying. Know that we are at the end. After controlled distributions and optional updates, Moment 3, as the file is called internally, brings the standard service update KB5028185 to everyone.

The update is required to install and includes all new features. Among them, we will not find revolutionary improvements that would affect the majority of the user base, but there are not so many little things. We have already offered a detailed review, so now we will only briefly summarize the additions:

  • managing modern context menus with keys,
  • VPN indication in the network connections icon,
  • clock shows seconds
  • fast copying of 2FA codes (not in the Czech Republic),
  • touch keyboard settings,
  • adaptive content brightness control,
  • information about USB4 in Settings,
  • presence sensor privacy management,
  • faster search in settings,
  • the printscreen key opens clippings,
  • the window switching menu (Alt+Tab) will display up to 20 tabs from Edge,
  • limitation of game crashes,
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Audio Implementation,
  • creating a core dump file at runtime,
  • kiosk mode with multiple apps,
  • live subtitles in multiple languages,
  • voice control improvements,
  • Win32 Program Isolation,
  • virtual memory extents are added to system crash dumps,
  • can be authenticated in Microsoft clouds,
  • offers to make a backup and sign in with a Microsoft account in the start menu,
  • improved sharing from explorer with Outlook contacts,
  • improving the stability of the operating system.
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July Update for Windows 11 22H2
proposed a number of minor improvements in the form of Moment 3

In addition, Redmonds has managed to fix 130 vulnerabilities in its products as part of its monthly patch cycle. I remind you that the last service update for Windows 10 21H2 was released a month ago, so now only one is supported at the consumer level.

On July 11, Microsoft released the following updates for supported consumer editions of its operating systems:

  • KB5028185 for Windows 11 Version 22H2 (Build 22621.1992)
  • KB5028182 for Windows 11 Version 21H2 (Build 22000.2176)
  • KB5028166 for Windows 10 Version 22H2 (Build 19045.3208).

Known update issues

Windows 11 Version 22H2

  • System configuration using PPKG packages may fail. Households are not usually affected. Using Windows Autopilot should be fine.

Windows 11 Version 21H2

  • Microsoft sees no difficulty.

Windows 10 Version 22H2

  • On Windows installed from manually modified installation media, the old Edge has been removed, but it cannot be automatically replaced by the new browser. You can help prevent this by integrating the March 29, 2021 or later servicing stack update before integrating the Windows Cumulative Servicing Update to media.

Microsoft sums up the changes KB5028185 brings to Windows 11:

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