Mobile games were the first step: Netflix will make the leap to other platforms with a AAA game | Entertainment

Netflix’s effort to be relevant within the video game industry has made it take the biggest leap in recent years: it will launch a game for computers.

Netflix’s determination to succeed in the video game sector seems to have made them now look directly at the developers of titles for computers. The latest information that has come to light indicates that Netflix Games Studio works on its first AAA game for PCalthough there is still no official confirmation.

To date, Netflix has kept its expectations contained within the limits formed by mobile devices. The games that it has been integrating into the platform could be played on mobile phones such as the iPhone 14 or the Google Pixel 7 Pro, now the jump would be destined to create titles for computers.

For the moment, the steps that Netflix has taken have made it no longer strange to associate the streaming content company with video games, although it can still be overwhelming to think that Netflix may be behind a title that can be enjoyed from a computer or, even a console.

What is clear and as our colleague Ángel Morán from HobbyConsolas points out is that with the fall of platforms like Google Stadia, a company has to take over. Also, It is not the only company that has jumped on the video game bandwagon since we have the example of Amazon.

Netflix’s first triple A game is being prepared and will be destined for computers

The news about Netflix developing a game for pc has come to light thanks to the fact that the company has begun to look for workers for its study of video game. The positions that are needed are quite specific, making it difficult to hide what is happening.

Among the different data that have been obtained about the Netflix plan is the engine for this video game will be the Unreal Engine, this being the most recent graphics engine released by Epic Games. What kind of game will it be? Among the information that has been obtained from The Verge, it makes it clear that it will be an MMORPG.

If we go into the technical, the game would be a third-person action RPG. There is still no date for the launch of the new Netflix game, although we will have to be attentive to see how this matter develops and if, in the end, the streaming content company manages to really gain a foothold in the video game industry.

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