Mobile and dominate the battlefield

These first elements such as weapons or advantages only depend on the player’s level or other requirements, which are available to any of the players. However, hitting each and every shot fired is up to you. handling with the controls.

Don’t miss a bullet in Call of Duty: Mobile

Surely on more than one occasion you have emptied a full magazine from your machine gun without being able to shoot down the rival, while he only needs a rafa to finish you off. This is a very common scenario in Call of Duty: Mobile and that is why achieving a guaranteed aim is vital to dominate the games and become the lord and master of the battlefield.

know the weapons

Each of the weapons in the delivery for smartphones from Activision together with TiMi Studios and Tencent Games has a different recoil. The recoil consists of that movement generated by the shot which causes a force that moves the weapon to a greater or lesser extent depending on its power.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This means that when shooting in Call of Duty: Mobile, your weapon will be offset upwards. Precisely for this reason it is advisable to go to the training ground to check how significant that movement is. Only then will you learn to keep your weapon stable.

Crouch down for stability

One trick that many players in the series are unaware of is that shooting while crouched or prone provides increased stability and precision when pulling the trigger. To do this, simply touch the button with the corresponding icon or hold it in case you want to lie down. In this way we will achieve a better aim in COD: Mobile.

Although it is true that this implies disadvantages, since our displacement capacity will be less and therefore it will be easier to be exposed to enemy fire. Also, you will be an easy target for snipers, so it is good to know when to take advantage of this option.

Beware of sensitivity in Call of Duty: Mobile

Sensitivity is a key aspect in the shooter genre where Call of Duty: Mobile is included. Mainly, because the speed at which the camera rotates when we touch on the screen and slide to any of the desired directions.

Mobile COD Sensitivity

Setting a high number can cause moving the character to be out of control and that we are unable to even play normally. In this sense, it is advisable to vary the sensitivity until find the right one for you and when you adapt to it, increase it slowly but progressively. To do this, access the settings to subsequently locate the section corresponding to sensitivity.

Enable the “Aim Assist” option

Among the configuration of Call of Duty: Mobile there is an option that is very little known among the players and that is a great support for the most beginners. This is the “Aim Assist” setting, which gives a aiming correction of the gun. So it will be easier to hit the target.

Code Mobile

This is an option that appears enabled by default in the video game, so if by any chance you have deactivated it, we recommend you to re-enable it. To do this, go back to the settings to open the “Basic” section and we will see “Help when aiming” in the foreground.

Use a controller to play Call of Duty

A much more effective alternative, but somewhat creepy given the nature of the mobile game, is to go to a controller of your PS5 to connect it to your phone, for example. Linking it to your smartphone is extremely simple and we already assure you that there is no better way to have the best possible aim.

Go to third-party applications

There are other kinds of practices external to Call of Duty: Mobile that are excessively popular among the gaming community. These have to do with marksmanship coachesalso known as Aim Trainers, which are systems designed to offer different methods to improve your aim.

Aim Champ : FPS Aim Trainer
Aim Champ : FPS Aim Trainer

Aim Champ - FPS Aim Trainer
Aim Champ - FPS Aim Trainer

One of the most famous mobile options is called Aim Champ, which not only has up to 20 ways to practice your aim, but you can also customize them as you wish and check your progress. Not to mention that it is compatible with a large part of the shooters on the market, including the work of Activision.

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