Miss Do Mi Lin shares her pregnancy photo for the first time after giving birth

(Dan Tri) – Prior to this, during her pregnancy, Miss Do Mi Lin did not reveal any information or pictures of her pregnancy.

Miss Do Mi Lin recently posted a series of photos taken during her last pregnancy on her personal page. She briefly recalled, “Seven years ago, she became Miss Vietnam 2016. After 7 years, she has a new position.”

Although there is not much to say about this new position, fans of the wife of the young master Do Vinh Quang understand what she has to say. Currently, Do Mi Lin has given birth to a baby about 2 months old.

Miss Do Mi Lin suddenly showed her campaign photo on her personal page (Photo: Facebook character).

Before that, she had been pretty quiet about her pregnancy (Photo: Facebook character).

Photographer Le Tien Vien shared with the reporter, who made this selection of photos. People: “I took maternity photos for Miss Do Mi Lin in mid-April, around 5-6 months pregnant.

At this time, Lin went to Ho Chi Minh City for work, so she took advantage of this photoset. Therefore, Lin’s husband did not go with him.”

A series of photographs documenting the election period of Miss Do Mi Lin was taken in mid-April (Photo: Facebook character).

She still retains the same lovely and radiant beauty as before (Photo: Facebook character).

Mr. Vien further revealed that in this photoshoot, Miss Vietnam 2016 used 6 different costumes prepared by stylist (stylist) Pham Bao Luan. Filming lasted over 3 hours.

“During pregnancy, Lin is a little rounder than usual. But according to my observations, Lin is still as slim and beautiful as before,” he said.

Miss Do Mai Lin didn’t forget to show off her sexy bare shoulders in a set of photos (Photo: Facebook character).

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. add sparkle and dignity to Do Mi Lin’s outfit (Photo: Facebook character).

Before that, on the afternoon of July 27, T. People said that Miss Do Mi Lin gave birth to her first daughter at the age of almost one month. During her pregnancy, she did not post photos of her pregnancy on a personal page or deny rumors in an online community.

Do Mi Lin once shared that after marriage, she will limit her participation in recreational activities to take time to take care of her family, but will not retire completely to work as a housewife.

Do Mi Lin had a photo shoot in six different costumes (Photo: Courtesy of the character).

Do Mi Linh (SN 1996, Hanoi) was crowned Miss Vietnam 2016, Miss World Compassion 2017 and represented Vietnam among the 40 finalists of Miss World 2017. She married young master Do Vinh Quang – the son chosen by Hien on October 23, 2022 . (Photo: provided by the character).

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