Ministries pass balance to construction of border fence

The Ministries of Economy, Planning and Development and Defense reviewed the planning work for the intelligent perimeter fence system, to continue articulating the construction of this infrastructure for national security and the other activities that are carried out daily in the border area from the country.

In the dialogue, Brigadier General Rafael Antonio Núñez Veloz, Director of Plans and Operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Ministry of Defence, presented to the commission, headed by the Vice Minister of Planning and Public Investment, pavel isa Contreras, the progress of the process and the next steps for the consolidation of this security project.

At the meeting, held in the J3 meeting room at the Ministry of Defence, a representation of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic participated.

General Núñez Veloz welcomed the commission from the Ministry of Economy, on behalf of the Minister of Defense, Major General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, to share information on an issue of such importance for Dominican society in general.

Likewise, Vice Minister Isa Contreras expressed the commitment of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development to accompany the planning process of this important work, with the aim of making it a contribution to security, land use planning and the organization of activities carried out in the border area.

According to a press release, economist Isa Contreras explained to senior officials of the Ministry of Defence the mission of the Ministry of Economy and the role of rector of the National System of Planning and Public Investment, Territorial Planning and Regional Development, International Cooperation and Non-Profit Associations.

He stated that the Ministry of Economy works so that there is coherence in the country’s public policy, oriented to the Government’s objective of improving the quality of life of the people as stipulated in the National Multiannual Plan of the Public Sector.

Similarly, the director of Development Policies for the Border Area, Erick Dorrejo, highlighted the importance of planning infrastructure taking into account the immediate environment; In this sense, the entities present reiterated the need to link the perimeter fence to informal commercial dynamics, for which it was agreed to promote an initiative interinstitutional for the improvement of binational markets and their relationship with this new infrastructure.

fence details

General Núñez Veloz explained that the intelligent perimeter fence system aims to integrate a physical fence, lighting system, command and control center, motion sensors, video surveillance cameras, radar, communication and surveillance tower, unmanned aerial units, among others. other technological and infrastructure solutions along the border line.

He indicated that its specific objectives are to develop a security and control solution at the border with the capacity to supervise legal and illegal traffic. In addition, develop the capacity to limit illegal activities in the border area related to human trafficking, drugs, weapons, as well as cattle rustling, vehicle theft, among others.

And, finally, he explained that they are seeking to exercise greater control over all legal and illegal activities that take place in the area to provide the most appropriate response to the security needs of the defense of the Dominican Republic.

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