Minister of the Interior: Dominican Republic is in a “serious situation” with the increase of Haitian women in labor

The Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús “Chu Vasquez indicated this Sunday that the Dominican Republic is in a” serious situation “in relation to the increase in pregnant women from neighboring Haiti.

“The Haitian women in labor have increased. Before they were 15%, this has reached up to 40%, “said Vásquez, while highlighting that the General Directorate of Migration has made a decision to deal with the current scenario.

He stressed that “the Dominican state It is not capable of solving the problems of Dominican women and men; of Haitians less “.

The statements of the public servant were offered during the opening ceremony of the coexistence meeting “A day in the Zurza”.

He stressed that all foreigners who require health care are offered when it comes to emergencies and that it is not the Dominican Republic, if not the international community the one that has to come to the aid of that country.

“We are doing more than we can do as a nation. We cannot bear the problems of our brother country. We are the country that has helped Haiti the most.”

He noted that it will be continued reinforcing the border to prevent them from entering Dominican territory illegally.

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