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Blue dyed Bogotá and Millonarios traced the BetPlay Cup final against Junior, with a 2-0, suffered, within the context and raised by Gamero, to overwhelm the Barranquilleros.

Alberto Gamero had the absence of Juan Carlos Pereira and moved the board in the middle of the court. He delayed Silva to the front row of midfielders, giving Daniel Cataño entry into the gestation zone.

The first few minutes were a blue siege, taking the ball and advancing their lines. A pass from Vargas, from his own field, ended at the feet of Gómez, who finished off in the first, Viera contained the ball, at minute 4.

Daniel Cataño appeared in the duel, taking advantage of spaces and had a powerful shot from mid-distance, at minute 7. Junior’s response was with a medium block, compact and closing half the field, looking for González and Viáfara to gain speed .

Daniel Ruiz came into action, with a filtered pass from Alba, at minute 12, shot with the right and Viera saved. The Uruguayan goalkeeper began to make a name for himself, with another shot by Cataño, the rebound was left to Gómez, who spliced ​​it in and Junior’s captain saved.

In that followed action, there was an infraction in the area on Luis Carlos Ruiz, Roldán did not hesitate and called a penalty at minute 16. The same striker was in charge of collecting, a dry shot and to the center.

Junior took out the block, moving away from Viera’s goal and trying to find speed. The first clear action of the visit was in a laboratory play: Cariaco’s creeping free kick, where Didier Moreno touched it, without direction and over Montero’s goal.

The free throws for Junior were a breather, the balls to the Millonarios area generated danger and at minute 35, Moreno had it again, with Montero’s reaction to save it, in a one-on-one. Despite this, the lineman invalidated the action for being out of place.

Hinestroza tried another collection of a still ball, at minute 43, which hit the base of Montero’s post, going wide.

The beginning of the second part had Junior with possession, in the first minutes. Cataño again had a medium distance, at minute 50 and followed by Gómez, in a great individual action, taking Velasco, without a good definition at the end of the play.

At minute 58, Millonarios arrived in a prepared play. Silva’s center and the rebound was in Daniel Ruiz, he came to finish first, sending the ball near Viera’s goal. It didn’t take long for Luis Carlos Ruiz to enter the game, after a good pass from Cataño, finishing off and again, as a savior, the Barranquilla captain saved the ball.

Junior moved the payroll, sending Wálmer Pacheco to the field, instead of Hinestroza, to exercise greater control in the middle of the field and rotate with Viáfara on the side.

Luis Carlos Ruiz left the field at minute 72, giving way to Jáder Valencia, due to physical discomfort on 27.

The emotion for the blue fans came with a powerful shot by Silva, at minute 78. A creeping shot and at the bottom of the goal by Viera. Coincidence or not, the cry of “You have to be champion” came to the ambassador fans. Celebration and rage, by the captain, making El Campín jump and tremble with joy.

At minute 81, Bacca entered for Cetré, to try to equalize, after a physical wear of the junior striker.

The author of the blue goal retired at minute 84, due to physical discomfort and in the midst of unison applause from the Millonarios fans.

In the final minutes, Junior began to reach all or nothing, ball after ball that Montero and the local defense began to control.

Daniel Ruiz, in the middle of the journey and wear, came out applauded, giving way to Herazo in the final minutes, to freeze time and that the five additions left in a sigh.

Shout from the fans, jumps and jubilation in the final moments. Millionaires celebrated at home, one more title in the BetPlay Cup, to establish themselves in the 2023 Libertadores.

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