Mila Kunis is booed non-stop and she demonstrates how to get out gracefully

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

The actress Mila Kunis She was booed on Jimmy Kimmel unexpectedly, and her way of ‘facing’ the booing has made her fans even more fans of her. We explain ourselves.

Unlike other times, Jimmy’s show last week was recorded in New York, and Mila, one of his guests, came to give an interview about his new film: ‘The girl who had everything’. After recounting an anecdote about her underwear, Jimmy laughingly told her, “You look like you might be a New Yorker, but you’re not.” Then someone started booing her.

She, super fast, replies: “Who booed me? What’s wrong with your audience? It’s very New York. Well, you’re not going to like the rest of the interview…”. And in the remainder of the interview, she receives additional booing, which she handles masterfully.

Jimmy asks her, in another order of things, if the first time she tried pizza was in New York, and she, addressing the audience, replies: “Are you ready for my answer? No, I didn’t try it in NY! It was in Los Angeles”. And the audience boos again, to do it other times, when she says that the pizzas are very good in Los Angeles, that the one she tried was from Domin0’s and that she really hates pizza (‘pss’: if you like the pizza, said the true use of the plastic table in the pizzas).

In the end, he resolves everything by making the audience laugh with some jokes and drinking live tequilas with Guillermo. The fans did not hesitate to applaud (those who were there, live, and through Twitter) the way in which the New York public was won over, to say the least, hard. But for ‘macarra’, she.

You can see the ‘great moment’ here, what a ‘crack’!

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